Boarman, Benedict Leonard

Birth Name Boarman, Benedict Leonard
Gender male
Age at Death less than 70 years, 2 months, 10 days


BOARMAN, Benedict Leonard, age 58, 23 May 1745; CHLR 1744-1745 40:342

BOARMAN, BENEDICT LEONARD, Charles Co. 28 July 1754; 11 March 1757
To wife Anne Boarman, dwelling house and plantation.
To sons Benedict Leonard Boarman, Richard Basill Boarman, George Boarman and Joseph Boarman, all the land I now possess.
To Benedict Leonard Boarman, plantation he now lives on.
To son Richard Basill Boarman, plantation where Quarter is, being pt. of "Boarman's Rest,* pt. of "Inlargment."
To son George Boarman, piece of land known as "Standfords field," being pt. of "Boarman's Rest," pt. of "Assenton" and "Boarman's Inlargment."
To Joseph Boarman, plantation I now live on after his mother's decease.
If any of my three daus. should be unmarried after their mother's decease, Mary Boarman, Eliner Boarman, Jane Boarman, that they shall have 100 a., 25 a. from each of my sons' part.
To wife a mulatto man Stephen.
To dau. Catharine Gardiner Negro girl named Winnifret.
Remainder of Negroes to be divided amongst my five children George Boarman, Joseph Boarman, Mary Boarman, Eliner Boarman and Jane Boarman.
To sons Benedict Leonard Boarman and Richard Basill Boarman, each 5 sh.
Wife, extx.
Wit: Marsham Queen/ Igns. Doyne, Wm. Matthews. 30. 277


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1687 Charles, MD    
Death before 1757-03-11 Charles, MD    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boarman, William, Maj.1627before 1709-06-17
Mother Jarboe, Maryabout 1663before 1739-12-17
    Sister     Boarman, Elizabeth about 1686 about 1742
         Boarman, Benedict Leonard 1687 before 1757-03-11
    Sister     Boarman, Mary about 1690 before 1744/5-03-07 (Julian)
    Sister     Boarman, Clare about 1694 before 1747-05-06
    Sister     Boarman, Eleanor before 1695
    Brother     Boarman, John Baptist 1698 1750-06-04
    Brother     Boarman, Francis Ignatius about 1702 before 1743/4-03-15 (Julian)


Family of Boarman, Benedict Leonard

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage after 1704 Charles, MD    


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