Boarman, Elizabeth

Birth Name Boarman, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death about 56 years


p. 61, TLC Genealogy, Charles County Land Records, 1722-1729; Book L#2
Page 282. At the request of John Sanders of CC, the following deed was recorded this Jun 23, 1726.
Jun 1, 1726 from Frances Hamarsley of Stafford County, Virginia, Gent, to Elizabeth Pile, widow, of CC, for and in consideration of a marriage hereinafter to be fulfilled between sd Frances Hamarsley and the afd Elezebth Pile and for other good causes, the parties agree with each other for and in behalf of several children of Mr. Joseph Pile of CC, already born of the body of sd Elizabeth Pile, for and in behalf of the sd children, the parties agree that, whereas afd Mr. Joseph Pile, by his will dated Jun 15, 1724, bequeathed to sd Elizabeth Pile, 2 Negroes or slaves, namely, Ralph and Edward to her and her heirs forever, the above parties have agreed that the 2 Negroes, if living after the death of sd Elizabth Pile, to return to the children of the sd Joseph Pile then living by equal part to each child. Signed Jun 1, 1726 - Francis Hamersly, Eliza Pile. Wit - John Sanders, Francis Igna. Boarman., S. Hanson, Clk*.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1686 Charles, MD    
Death about 1742 Charles, MD    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boarman, William, Maj.1627before 1709-06-17
Mother Jarboe, Maryabout 1663before 1739-12-17
         Boarman, Elizabeth about 1686 about 1742
    Brother     Boarman, Benedict Leonard 1687 before 1757-03-11
    Sister     Boarman, Mary about 1690 before 1744/5-03-07 (Julian)
    Sister     Boarman, Clare about 1694 before 1747-05-06
    Sister     Boarman, Eleanor before 1695
    Brother     Boarman, John Baptist 1698 1750-06-04
    Brother     Boarman, Francis Ignatius about 1702 before 1743/4-03-15 (Julian)


Family of Boarman, Elizabeth

Event Date Place Description Sources

Family of Boarman, Elizabeth

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1726 Charles, MD    


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