Boarman, Clare

Birth Name Boarman, Clare
Gender female
Age at Death less than about 53 years, 4 months, 5 days


198 Charles County Land Records, Volume III
Liber H*2, Page 480
24 Feb 1721; Recorded at request of Thomas Jameson, Gent.: 30 Jan 1721; From Clare Brooke of St Mary's Co., to Thomas Jameson; for £12 and 2,000* tobacco; a parcel of land called Boarmans Reserve being part of Maj. Boarman's manor called Content now is possession of Richard Wilson; bequeathed by will of Maj. Wm. Boarman to Clare his dau.; containing 200 acres; /s/ Clare Brooke; wit. Philip Dorey, Henry Jameson, James Ludwells (mark); 30 Jan 1721 ack. by Clare Brooke

SHIRBURN, CLARE (CLEAR), St Mary's Co. 21 Feb, 1745; 6 Aug, 1747
To sons RICHARD BROOKS and BAKER BROOKS SHIRBURN, cooper kettle and furniture.
To son NICHOLAS SHIRBURN, rest of estate, ex.
Wit: John Miles. 25. 152-153

Mrs. Clare Shierburn 37.380 SM £176.19, 6 May 1747 Sep 22 1748
Appraisers: John Milas, Cornelius Wildman.
Creditors: Abraham Barnes, John Jones.
Next of kin: John Boarman, Benedict Boarman.
Administrator/Executor: Nicholas Sheirbine.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1694      
Death before 1747-05-06 St Mary’s County, MD    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boarman, William, Maj.1627before 1709-06-17
Mother Jarboe, Maryabout 1663before 1739-12-17
    Sister     Boarman, Elizabeth about 1686 about 1742
    Brother     Boarman, Benedict Leonard 1687 before 1757-03-11
    Sister     Boarman, Mary about 1690 before 1744/5-03-07 (Julian)
         Boarman, Clare about 1694 before 1747-05-06
    Sister     Boarman, Eleanor before 1695
    Brother     Boarman, John Baptist 1698 1750-06-04
    Brother     Boarman, Francis Ignatius about 1702 before 1743/4-03-15 (Julian)


Family of Boarman, Clare

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1714 MD    

Family of Boarman, Clare

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage after 1726-11-19 St Mary’s County, MD    


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