Cassetty, Martin S.

Birth Name Cassetty, Martin S. 1
Gender male
Age at Death about 70 years, 4 months, 11 days


Appears to have moved to AL before 1850 as he is in Coosa Co, AL in 1850 census, in Mobile Co, AL in 1860. Appears as an advertiser in Wetumpka, AL in 1847 in "The State Guard"

Fought for the Confederacy and received a pardon in 1865 in Dallas Co, AL. (This is not the Martin Cassetty b.1839 served in the Confederacy from Arkansas). Says "worth over $20,000"

A "Martin S Cassetty" dies in May 12, 1885 "age 80" in New Orleans, LA, Cannot identify him in 1870 or 1880 census. Newspaper articles connect him to TN Cassetty's.
"Correspondence by The Heirs of Colonel Cassetty. ' - Mention was made a few days ago of the burial in this place of Col. Martin S Cassetty, formerly of Talladega, Alabama, and later of New Orleans. The deceased left heirs In Nashville, St. Louis and elsewhere as the following from the Nashville Union shows: - A letter received from the New Orleans lawyer of the late Mr. Martin S. Cassetty by Cassetty's heirs in [St Louis?] city yesterday announced the fact that deceased had left an estate of some $30.000 in the Crescent City. which goes to his nieces and nephews In this city, namely: . - K . Mr. William M. Cassetty, the agent for the Ohio Oil Company; 8. J. Cassetty. the general agent of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in St, Louis; James S. Cassetty, who Is engaged in the coal business with Kendrick & Co., in this city ; Mrs. J. J. Roberts and Mrs. Samuel Robertson, Dr. D. B. Cassetty, of Texas, and Mr. John T. Cassetty, of Hickman, Ky. Mr. James S. Cassetty leaves this morning for New Orleans' to settle up the estate. - All of the Cassetty heirs are well known and popular in this city. The late Martin S. Cassetty lived for a short time, many years before the war, in this city, but afterwards went to Talladega, Ala., where he accumulated fortune in the cotton business. He then went to New Orleans, where he spent the remainder of his life, and died at the age of [23] on Wednesday last. His body was embalmed and sent to Mobile, Ala where It was put in the vault on Thursday, from which place It will be sent to Talladega for burial, as soon as the cold weather . sets in. , - - .. .. Mr. Cassetty died possessed of a large fortune, $30,000 of which ls to be divided between the children- of his only brother, above mentioned"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1815 Smith Co, TN    
Occupation 1854 Wetumpka, Elmore, AL Cotton Broker  
Event Note

Death 1885-05-12 New Orleans, LA    
Event Note

From The Times-Picayune 18 Sep 1885 -
" A Case Decerning Celebrated. .. The simple letter of a man named Cassetty, living in Tennessee, asking the Mayor for information with reference to the property of an uncle who died in New Orleans, promises to leave the public into the details of a celebrated case. J. E. Wallace now writes to the Mayor that his attention has been called to the letter in the newspapers. Martin S. Cassetty died, and there is supposed to be "some $30,000 in ' the estate. He - believes that Cassetty left a will in favor of Mrs.. Lottie W. Tillotson. a female physician, who nursed him in his last illness. Money is due her and to Dr. Kells, both of whom Wallace says he represents. The Public Administrator opened, the' estate on May 26, represented by Breaux and Hall: If. 'P. Dart appearing for heirs, and W. D. Denegre for absent heirs. An inventory was ordered taken. A man came from St. Louis and took the papers and minor effects of the deceased. No inventory has jet been taken. v , CoL Rowley,' of the Mayor's office, sent this statement to the inquiring nephew in Tennessee. "

20 Sep 1885 -
"fHI CASSETTY WILL, CARS. msiU te th Crvtf . -; Over the Foay av - ;'Wa Died in this City. The letter of a man named Cassetty, living In Tennessee, asking Mayor Goinotte for Information with reference to the property of an uncle, who died la New Orleans, caused a reporter to look at the succession records In the Civil District Court, with, a view of ascertaining if any proceedings had been had or were pending in this matter. It appears that Martin S Cassetty, of Alabama, died on the 13th of May last. He was 80 years of age, unmarried, and had been In New Orleans five months when he died. On the 26th of May Messrs. Breaox and Hall, attorneys for the Public Administrator, opened the succession and applied for letters of administration. The court appointed appraisers and ordered that an Inventory of Cassetty property be taken. A short while after, Mr. Henry P. Dart, attorney for Wm. M. Cassetty, of Nashville, Tenn., filed an opposition to the Public Administrator, alleging that the domicile of decedent was Mobile, Ala., and that as the time of his death he was only temporarily in New Orleans. Decedent left nothing in New Orleans, but personal effects, of Inconsiderable value, attached to his person The opponent alleged that he has caused the accession of Martin S. Cassetty to be opened in Mobile, and tha an administration in New Orleans is unnecessary and not authorized by law, as the decedent owed no debts. The opponent further alleged that he was the blood nephew of said Cassetty, who left two other heirs, a nephew and a niece, whose procurations opponent held. Tom opponent prayed that tne application of tne Public Administrator for letters be denied and that In the event of the court thinking an administrator necessary, letters issue to him. .,- i It is supposed that this is a very large succession. Involving some $30,000. ."
[William M Cassetty was son of his brother Thomas Draper Cassetty]


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cassetty, Thomas1762-09-09after 1840
Mother Thomas, Sarah1775after 1840
    Sister     Cassetty, Jane
    Sister     Cassetty, Libby
    Sibling     Cassetty, Massalorstar
    Sister     Cassetty, Silvia
    Brother     Cassetty, Nicholas about 1800 before 1840
    Sister     Cassetty, Hannah E about 1802 after 1862
    Brother     Cassetty, William about 1802
    Brother     Cassetty, Alexander 1804
    Brother     Cassetty, Sampson W. about 1808 1866-10-28
         Cassetty, Martin S. about 1815 1885-05-12
    Brother     Cassetty, Thomas Draper about 1816 1889-09-30