Cassetty, Libby

Birth Name Cassetty, Libby 1
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cassetty, Thomas1762-09-09after 1840
Mother Thomas, Sarah1775after 1840
    Sister     Cassetty, Jane
         Cassetty, Libby
    Sibling     Cassetty, Massalorstar
    Sister     Cassetty, Silvia
    Brother     Cassetty, Nicholas about 1800 before 1840
    Sister     Cassetty, Hannah E about 1802 after 1862
    Brother     Cassetty, William about 1802
    Brother     Cassetty, Alexander 1804
    Brother     Cassetty, Sampson W. about 1808 1866-10-28
    Brother     Cassetty, Martin S. about 1815 1885-05-12
    Brother     Cassetty, Thomas Draper about 1816 1889-09-30


Family of Cowan, Dave and Cassetty, Libby

Married Husband Cowan, Dave ( * + ... )