Myers, Jacob Jr

Birth Name Myers, Jacob Jr
Gender male
Age at Death about 79 years, 17 days


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1881 Census:
Jacob MYERS M Male Dutch 57 O Farmer E. Methodist
Mary Jane MYERS M Female Irish 55 Ireland E. Methodist
Marget MYERS Female Dutch 20 O E. Methodist
Melinda MYERS Female Dutch 18 O E. Methodist
Elizabeth MYERS Female Dutch 16 O E. Methodist


Source Information:
Census Place Osnabruck, Stormont, Ont.
Family History Library Film 1375863
NA Film Number C-13227
District 101
Sub-district A
Division 3
Page Number 54
Household Number 245


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1823-12-15 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada    
Occupation     Avocations Methodist Lay Preacher  
Event Note

Rae Myers, book, pg.27

Death about 1903      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Jacob Daniel1805-06-021886-10-08
Mother Wallace, Susannah1803-12-151874-08-24
         Myers, Jacob Jr 1823-12-15 about 1903
    Sister     Myers, MaryAnn about 1826 about 1891
    Brother     Myers, Daniel Wallace Sr 1827 1873-08-18
    Sister     Myers, Catherine about 1829 1909-06-02
    Sister     Myers, Susanna about 1831
    Brother     Myers, Tobias about 1833
    Sister     Myers, Rebecca about 1835 about 1861
    Sister     Myers, Margery Agnes about 1837 1916-01-11
    Brother     Myers, Josephus 1841-08-15 1914-04-01
    Brother     Myers, Arthur 1843-10-06 1890-04-02


Family of Myers, Jacob Jr and Taylor, Mary Jane

Married Wife Taylor, Mary Jane ( * 1824-06-16 + 1903 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1846-01-06 Dundas, Ontario, Canada   1a
Event Note

E62.Jacob Myers jr. & Mary Jane Taylor both ot Wmsburgh
Mar. Jan. 16,1846 Wit. D.R. Hilliard & Samuel Kyles


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Jacob Myers and Mary Ann Taylor, 1846. (married)

Name Birth Date Death Date
Myers, Mary Ann1846
Myers, Thomas Wallace1848-08-311923
Myers, William H1850-05-311927-03-14
Myers, Catherine1852
Myers, Susannah1854
Myers, Elizabeth1856
Myers, Simeon J1857-11-05
Myers, Margaret1860-04-26
Myers, Malinda1862


Type Value Notes Sources
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