Myers, Jacob Daniel

Birth Name Myers, Jacob Daniel
Gender male
Age at Death 81 years, 4 months, 6 days


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Middle name from death certificate. Also states "presbytarian". Died after 1 week of "Pleura Pneumonia"

The story of Dundas: being a history of the County of Dundas from 1784 to 1904 By J. Smyth Carter, pg 192
"[Presbyterian] congregation at Colquhoun was organized by Rev. John Charles Quinn about 1856, and worship was held in private houses until a brick church was constructed...The trustees of the church in 1857 were Alex. Farlinger, Alex. Colquhoun, Samuel Kyle and Jacob Myers... Later, ...Jacob Myers were ordained elders."

In 1871 Canada Census, Jacob says his ancestral origin is Dutch!


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1805-06-02 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada    
Event Note

death certificate confirms born in Williamsburg, Ont

Death 1886-10-08 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada   1a
Burial 1886 Colquhoun, Stormont, Ontario, Canada Colquhoun Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Daniel1772-09-20about 1835
Mother Shaver, Anna1772-05-27after 1838
    Sister     Myers, Anna Mary 1792 between 1843 and 1847
    Brother     Myers, Tobias 1795 1858
    Sister     Myers, Catherine 1799 1849
    Sister     Myers, Dorothy 1801
         Myers, Jacob Daniel 1805-06-02 1886-10-08
    Sister     Myers, Sarah 1806


Family of Myers, Jacob Daniel and Wallace, Susannah

Married Wife Wallace, Susannah ( * 1803-12-15 + 1874-08-24 )

1851: Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario (Presbyterian & Samuel Kyle is neighbor)
1861: Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario
1871: Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario

also see Caryn Moore -

Another Daniel Myers married Catherine LInk 1828 in Ontario -
==> Catherine d/o Mary Empey and John Gottfried Link. Another Daniel B Myers in 1851 Ontario census - note born in 1833 so not him but could be his father with the same name in common. This reference says that Daniel b~1804 -
and lived in Winchester & Williamsburg, Ontario. John was also a loyalist -
Note Catherine Link Myers land petition in Dundas 1835 -
Could she have married Daniel Myers, Sr who died in 1835? Catherine however was born ~1804.

Marriage record of Arthur Myers and Elizabeth Henderson says his parents are Jacob and Susanah Myers.
Marriage record of Martha A Myers to John N Wallace, parents are Jacob Myers and Susan Wallace. Husbands parents are John Wallace and Margaret Shaver.
Death record of Catherine Myers Collins says parents were Jacob Myers and Susan Wallace.

From Rae Myers notes about the family. Jacob's father Daniel ran the inn in Williamsburg, Ontario ( called D.Mires Inn ) and both Jacob and his 1st son Jacob were born there. Descendant Mrs. Alice Swerdfeger says Jacob met his wife Susanna "when she came to work as a servant for his father"
KDD: So probably already a young woman when she arrived from Ireland. There is a record of John Wallace, carpenter, arriving in Toronto in 1819 from Dublin.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Myers, Jacob Jr1823-12-15about 1903
Myers, MaryAnnabout 1826about 1891
Myers, Daniel Wallace Sr18271873-08-18
Myers, Catherineabout 18291909-06-02
Myers, Susannaabout 1831
Myers, Tobiasabout 1833
Myers, Rebeccaabout 1835about 1861
Myers, Margery Agnesabout 18371916-01-11
Myers, Josephus1841-08-151914-04-01
Myers, Arthur1843-10-061890-04-02


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