Myers, Edna Mae

Birth Name Myers, Edna Mae
Birth Name Ednamae
Gender female
Age at Death 82 years, 5 months, 4 days


contact is her granddaughter Kandi Catherine Strickland. Denise Michelle Zufelt -> adopted became Mayes > married Day. Denise's mother Robinson. "I am also looking for information on my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother on my mothers side(her fathers). Their names were Zufelt. V.R. Robert Zufelt and Sarah (Robinson)Zufelt. They had many children my grandfather included Don Zufelt whom married Edna Mae Myers(my Granma)."
"She had 2 daughters and 1 son"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1922-02-03 Spokane, Spokane, WA    
Death 2004-07-07 Clearlake, Lake, CA death of "Ednamae Mayes" 1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Olie Melvin1893-06-171960-12-27
Mother Barnhart, Della Elizabeth1895-05-141972-07-08
    Sister     Myers, Elaine Elinor 1915-08-13 1995-02-19
    Sister     Myers, June Adah 1917-06-24 2007-01-17
         Myers, Edna Mae 1922-02-03 2004-07-07


Family of Zufelt, Don and Myers, Edna Mae

Married Husband Zufelt, Don ( * 1915-09-04 + 1999-10-17 )

home in 1949: 2173 S El Camino, San Mateo (both Don and Ednamae) (Grant and R B were in San Mateo 1948 before Don)

just a guess that Edna was Donald's mother.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Zufelt, Donald Morrell1940-09-242016-07-00
Zufelt, Dana19432006
Zufelt, Denise Michelle1949-05-041979-11-17

Family of Mayes, William J and Myers, Edna Mae

Married Husband Mayes, William J ( * 1915-04-10 + 1981-02-00 )

of Santa Rosa, CA -
Polk's City Directory for Santa Rosa 1968 has "Wm J Mayes" next door to "Don M Zufelt".

estate of William J Mayes settled for Ednamae Mayes Aug 24, 1982 Case#1982045434

?Patricia D Mayes 9 Sep 1956 Female Myers Solano
?Margaret Mayes is a student in 1970 Santa Rosa.

"Relatives" on
» Richard Mayes » William Mayes » Bribri Mays
» Elisha Mays » Cheryl Mays » Bill Mays
» Kirsten Mays » Denise Mays » Dennis Mays
prob. not Mays ; Cheryl and William H are not related - living in Cotati. Richard is William's brother.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Mayes, Dana Maureen1943-03-222007-10-19

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