Miley, John Heinrich 1

Birth Name Miley, John Heinrich
Nick Name Henry
Gender male
Age at Death 80 years, 2 months, 25 days


Henry was on the 1800 KY census along with David & Martin Miley in Jefferson Co.. All 3 were believed to be brothers. Martin was dead by 1801 & left Catherine a widow. By 1803 Henry was in Pike Co., Indiana (then part of Knox Co.)

Historical account mentions Henry and David Miley, but says Tislow's and Coonrod's came later -

Another historical account has a footnote on German Miley's:
"The supposition that the Miley family was German is substantiated by a quotation from a leter written Novermber 18, 1809 by S. R. Henderson to Emory Harrell, both of whom were grandsons of Moses and Mary Miley Harrell: "The (Miley) family was Pennsylvania Dutch... They came from Pennsylvania and I have heard my Grandma say that up to the age of seven she couldn't speak a word of English."
"The First Families of White Oak Springs", 1810-1817 by Margaret Story Jean and Aline Jean Trenor
Indiana Magazine of History Vol. 36, No. 3 (SEPTEMBER, 1940), pp. 230-270 (41 pages)

Pike Co., IN Census:
Year Page Name Township
1820 297 Henry Miley Washington
298 Henry Miley Washington
297 John Miley Washington

1830 372 Henry Miley Washington
373 Henry Miley Washington
366 George Miley Washington
368 George Miley Washington
368 Jacob Miley Washington
367 Martin Miley Washington
366 Peter Miley Washington
372 Andrew Davidson Washington
359 Joseph Davidson Clay

1840 246 Henry Miley N/L
246 Jacob Miley N/L
246 John Miley N/L
246 Martin Miley N/L
249 Peter Miley N/L
288 Sally Miley N/L
230 Samuel Miley N/L
236 William Miley N/L
251 Joseph Davidson N/L
236 Josiah Davidson N/L

SANDY McBETH & ROSE EVANS of the Pike County Historical Society for the Pike County Press-Dispatch. This piece of History appeared in the May 24, 1998 newspaper.
"Henry Miley officially deeded the land where the cemetery is located to the County Commissioners for $134. He was buried in the cemetery on September 13, 1847."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1767-06-18 Lancaster, PA alternate: 1765 on his tombstone.  
Residence between 1765 and 1783 Lancaster, PA    
Residence between 1783 and 1795 Hagerstown, Washington, MD    
Residence between 1795 and 1803 Jefferson, KY    
Immigration 1803   Jefferson County, KY to Pike County, IN  
Census between 1820 and 1830 Washington Twp, Pike Co., IN 2 Henry Miley's here  
Death 1847-09-13 Pike Co., IN    
Event Note

consensus in public trees

Burial   Washington Twp, Pike Co., IN Old Town Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Miley, (John) Martin Jr1737-07-251801
Mother Fortney, Elizabeth Catarina1738-05-20between 1810 and 1820
    Sister     Miley, Anne Sabina 1760-04-17 1839-12-16
         Miley, John Heinrich 1767-06-18 1847-09-13
    Brother     Miley, David 1769-06-30 after 1820


Family of Miley, John Heinrich and (Miley), Mary

Married Wife (Miley), Mary ( * 1772-10-08 + 1836-02-20 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1787 Hagerstown, Washington, MD Marriage of Miley, Henry and Miley, Mary (Unk)  
Event Note

a guess - where Henry Miley lived at the time.


Jim Eads said,
"Henry,David, and Catherine, widow of Martin, were sureties for a $500 bond in Jefferson Co., KY"

"Henry and Mary were in Knox county by 1807 with at least nine of their fifteen children, according to the probate book."

Excerpt from Miley Family History by Natalie Robling pp 194-195
"[Henry] migrated from Pennsylvania, through the Shenandoah region and Kentucky to Indiana, and settled in Pike County in 1803. As far as can be learned, he left the faith of his fathers and never practiced the Mennonite religion after coming here...
[they] lived near the location of the Old Town Cemetery. They made part of their home into an inn as overnight accommodations for travellers on the Buffalo Trace.
He built a horse mill on his property and sometimes wagon loads of grain stood in long lines waiting for his services. He measured the grain then poured it into the hopper, then with the toll box he took out the toll, or payment, for grinding. The toll in those days was fixed by the owner, usually one-fourth of the grain milled."

[kdd: from birth of their children, they lived in KY from at least 1790-1801. Also, Henry's brother David followed Henry to Indiana in 1804.]

from "History of Pike and Dubois Counties, Indiana" by Goodspeed Bros. & Co
"Among others who had settled in Jefferson Township previous to 1817, were Benjamin Hays, Ebenezer Case, Henry Miley, William Hurst, James Payn, Henry Lacefield, Joab Chappell, William Shook, Daniel Rowe, and others"
"land entries in Washington and Madison Townships previous to the year 1818: [those in 1813 only] George Ross, Jeremiah Arnold, Levi Kruman, Henry Miley, Silas Risby"
"For a brief span between 1807 and 1814, the most populous and the most important settlement on the Buffalo Trace in Indiana Territory from Louisville to Vincennes was White Oak Springs. This was a fort within a stockade on high ground directly beside the Trace in White River Township of Knox County. It was about one mile west of the present Pike County courthouse at Petersburg, Indiana and about one day’s journey from Vincennes. Because of its accessible location and its safe and commodious arrangements, the fort served as a hostel for travelers to and from the territorial capital.
The White Oak Springs settlement had its beginnings between 1800 and 1807, when a little group of families clustered about the Fort on adjacent quarter sections of land on both sides of the Trace. and continues to this day. The families that comprised the community of White Oak springs before 1810 were: The Tislow, Coonrod, Miley and Coleman families who were German and came more or less directly from Pennsylvania. The Brenton and Arnold families, came from Virginia with stopovers in Kentucky. Woolsey Pride, the owner of the Fort was from North Carolina."

Name Birth Date Death Date
Miley, P
Miley, John I17871867-09-15
Miley, Amanda1789
Miley, Maryabout 17901870-03-00
Miley, Henry Jr1792-06-12before 1839-12-05
Miley, Catherine1795
Miley, Rebecca1797
Miley, David H1798-01-121861-12-30
Miley, Martin1800between 1850 and 1855
Miley, George O18011883-07-00
Miley, Elizabeth1803-11-151838-11-22
Miley, Samuelbetween 1807 and 1813
Miley, Jacob1808
Miley, Sarah E1815-06-091878-12-14
Miley, Priscilla18161819

Family of Miley, John Heinrich and Kinman, Sally

Married Wife Kinman, Sally ( * about 1794 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1836-08-28 Pike Co., IN   2

History of Washington Township, Gibson Co, IN
James Kinman and Henry Miley operated 2 of the earliest businesses in Petersburg.