Miley, John I 1

Birth Name Miley, John I
Gender male
Age at Death 80 years, 8 months, 14 days


alternate father (David instead of John) here -, ref Crossing County Lines, Gibson County Historical Society, Inc. - 1992 by Elizabeth Aline Huey

alternate father#2 "Henry Miley, Sr." b.1765 m. "Mary Sally WILLIAMS" from here - [ kdd: they just got the generations confused. ]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1787 Lancaster, PA    
Military Service     private in War of 1812 2
Event Note

both John and Henry served in Capt. Craven Peyton's Company, Mounted Rangers, Indiana Militia, along with John Richey.

Death 1867-09-15 Pike Co., IN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Miley, John Heinrich1767-06-181847-09-13
Mother (Miley), Mary1772-10-081836-02-20
    Brother     Miley, P
         Miley, John I 1787 1867-09-15
    Sister     Miley, Amanda 1789
    Sister     Miley, Mary about 1790 1870-03-00
    Brother     Miley, Henry Jr 1792-06-12 before 1839-12-05
    Sister     Miley, Catherine 1795
    Sister     Miley, Rebecca 1797
    Brother     Miley, David H 1798-01-12 1861-12-30
    Brother     Miley, Martin 1800 between 1850 and 1855
    Brother     Miley, George O 1801 1883-07-00
    Sister     Miley, Elizabeth 1803-11-15 1838-11-22
    Brother     Miley, Samuel between 1807 and 1813
    Brother     Miley, Jacob 1808
    Sister     Miley, Sarah E 1815-06-09 1878-12-14
    Sister     Miley, Priscilla 1816 1819


Family of Miley, John I and Williams, Mary Sally

Married Wife Williams, Mary Sally ( * 1795 + 1856 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage     Marriage of Miley, John  

need this resource - "The history and families of John Miley, 1788-1867, Thomas William Miley, 1829-1886, Perry Commodore Miley, 1859-1928, descendants of Henry Miley, 1765-1847" by Natalie Siewert Robling (1933-2007)

John Miley and Mary Williams probably had more than 1 child. In 1820 Census there is 1 boy and 3 girls under 10 in the hh.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Miley, Henry C1811-06-061877-10-01

Family of Miley, John I and Richey, Mary

Married Wife Richey, Mary ( * 1795 + 1856-08-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1816-03-27 Gibson, IN   3

home in 1820: Washington, Pike, IN
home in 1830: Madison, Pike, IN
John Miley not with Mary Miley in 1850.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Miley, Priscella1819after 1871-11-00
Miley, Elizabeth18201880
Miley, Delilah1821before 1859
Miley, Winnie Bush18241879
Miley, David1827-08-211889-08-28
Miley, Thomas William1829-12-241886-07-12
Miley, Nancy Janeabout 18341898-01-03
Miley, William Gray1835after 1888-04-02
Miley, Samuel C1838-07-121838-10-23

Family of Miley, John I and Schell, America J

Married Wife Schell, America J ( * about 1819 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1856-09-15 Pike Co., IN   3a

America filed for a War of 1812 Pension. She said John was in Capt McDaniel's Co, Ind Militia.