Patterson, Ansel

Birth Name Patterson, Ansel
Gender male
Age at Death 79 years, 4 months, 15 days


Revolutionary War - 6th Company 4th Regiment of the Connecticut line from Washington County Vermont. - enlisted private.

Seem to be 2 Ansel Pattersons in VT in the US Pensioners, 1818-1872 list:
Pensioner in Burlington, VT until March 1843 when the Roll says "Transfer to Montpelier"
Pensioner in Windsor, VT until Nov 23 1843 when the Rolls says he died.
but just one listed in the 1820 Pensioners Index and the US Census 1800-1840

The AGBI lists an Ansel Patterson b. 1740 CT in Rev. War rolls. Perhaps his father?


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1764-07-08 East Haddam, CT    
Military Service   Connecticut Revolutionary War 6th Co. 4th Regiment private 1
Death 1843-11-23 Brattleboro, VT    
Event Note

From Mary Lou Cook , died Nov 23, 1843 in the Vermont Asylum for the Insane.

Confirmed Nov 23, 1843 in pension roll, Burlington, VT


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Patterson, Timothy1737-04-07
Mother Beebe, Elizabeth1736-07-11
    Sister     Patterson, Molly 1761-02-08 1813-03-12
    Brother     Patterson, Timothy 1762-08-16 1765-03-16
         Patterson, Ansel 1764-07-08 1843-11-23
    Sister     Patterson, Elizabeth 1766-03-08 1827-02-02
    Sister     Patterson, Parnel 1767-09-29
    Sister     Patterson, Deborah 1769-08-01 1836-07-27
    Brother     Patterson, Timothy 1771-08-03 1831-03-04
    Brother     Patterson, Levi 1773-05-19
    Brother     Patterson, Amos (Amzi) 1775-06-13


Family of Patterson, Ansel and Colton, Lucina

Married Wife Colton, Lucina ( * 1764-09-10 + 1841-01-29 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1785-10-18 Wilbraham, MA Marriage of Patterson, Ansel and Coulton, Lucina  

home in 1800: Barre, Orange, VT
home in 1820: Georgia,Franklin,VT
home in 1830: Barre, Washington, Vermont
home in 1840: Barre, Washington, Vermont

Will listing his children is online in public member trees,

Name Birth Date Death Date
Patterson, Daniel1789-04-171874-12-20
Patterson, Elmina1792-05-16
Patterson, Polly1794-03-03
Patterson, Betsy1796-05-301861-09-05
Patterson, Laurintina1798-04-121856-05-23
Patterson, Roxanaabout 1800
Patterson, Ansel1804-03-001839-04-02
Patterson, Ephraim1805-11-061877-07-26

Family of Patterson, Ansel and Hamblin, Mary

Married Wife Hamblin, Mary ( * + ... )

Son "James Hervey Patterson" who was father of "Charles Edward Patterson" , of Troy, NY.