Franklin, David Sr 1a

Birth Name Franklin, David Sr
Gender male
Age at Death 80 years, 1 month, 28 days


A David Franklin b. 1780-1790 and family lives next door to Caleb Weaver in Arkwright, NY 1830 Census, presumably his son.

In 1774 Census of Rhode Island, these Franklin's enumerated in Scituate:
David m>16 m<16 f>16 2f<16
Uriah 3m>16 m<16 2f>16 f<16
Hannah 2m<16 2f>16 f<16
Nathan m>16 f>16
Gideon m>16 3m<16 2f>16 2f<16
Aaron 2m>16 5m<16 f>16 2f<16
Philip 2m>16 m<16 2f>16 f<16
John m>16 m<16 f>16 2f<16
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From VBloxham3270 there, this note:
"1. SEE DUP SUBMISSION CORRECTING RUTH FRANKLINS PARENTS June 2005 by Maxine Belnap:"Birth is from Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island vital records FHL film#941133 p.195. David is included in the 1774 Scituate RI census. There is 1 male over 16 and 1 male under 16, 1 female over 16 and 2 females under 16. In 1790 he is in the Coventry RI cenus. In 1800 he is in the Sterling, Windham, Connecticut census. He is over 45. David and his brother, Abel are the only Franklins in Sterling in 1800. David served in the Rev War. He was in Col. Crary's RI Regiment (FHLfilm#1486147). He applied for a pension in 1820 from Tioga County, Pennsylvania. It was rejected because he did not serve in the Continental Army. He applied again in 1828 from Villinova, Chautauqua, New York. Again it was refused. Arkwright township was formed in 1829 from Villinova. It is likely they lived in Arkwright where their daughter Hannah and her husband Caleb Weaver lived."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1749-06-08 Scituate, RI   2
Death 1829-08-06 Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY    
Military Service     Revolutionary War  
Event Note

Col. Archibald Crary's RI Regiment (FHLfilm#1486147).
...and Capt. John Carr. Dates unknown.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Franklin, Uriah1720-12-191791-09-17
Mother Colvin, Abigail17171791
         Franklin, David Sr 1749-06-08 1829-08-06
    Brother     Franklin, Uriah 1751-07-14
    Brother     Franklin, Reuben 1753-10-15
    Brother     Franklin, Abel 1756-05-17 1826-03-31
    Brother     Franklin, Joshua 1759-06-28 1835-02-09


Family of Franklin, David Sr and Simmons, Hannah

Married Wife Simmons, Hannah ( * 1750 + 1828 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1770 Coventry, Kent, RI Marriage of Franklin, David and Simmons, Hannah  

Ruth Curtis named one of their children Simmons Philander Curtis, so that is probably the correct spelling of Hannah's maiden-name.

Oddly, most trees on have different parents for Ruth Franklin Curtis.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Franklin, sonabout 1771
Franklin, Mary1772-06-001852-08-18
Franklin, Hannahabout 1774about 1815
Franklin, sonabout 1777
Franklin, Johnabout 1782
Franklin, David Jr1786
Franklin, daughterabout 1788
Franklin, Ruth1790-11-141848-05-06


Type Value Notes Sources
Paternal Haplogroup DF63-
Attribute Note

Matching group FY03: DF63-
#146083: JKF, James Franklin b.1650 d.1721 Dartmouth, MA
#237379: JCF, James Franklin b.1650 d.1721 Dartmouth, MA thru grandson Ichabod Franklin brother of my Uriah Franklin