This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Martin. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Martin, Abraham  
Martin, Agnes 1616-02-19
Martin, Agnes Evelyn 1896
Martin, Ann Nancy 1770-03-03
Martin, Annis 1649/50-02-07 (Julian)
Martin, Betsy  
Martin, Catherine  
Martin, Charles Caffery about 1773
Martin, Elizabeth 1633-06-16
Martin, Elizabeth 1772
Martin, Frances 1771
Martin, Francis estimated 1638
Martin, Grace 1640-09-20
Martin, Isaac  
Martin, James Sr about 1720
Martin, James Jr about 1750
Martin, James 1766
Martin, James 1775-06-20
Martin, Jane 1611-02-23
Martin, John 1605-02-12
Martin, John 1652/3-01-20 (Julian)
Martin, John about 1714
Martin, Joseph 1763
Martin, Mary 1775-06-20
Martin, Mary Ann  
Martin, Nancy  
Martin, Nancy about 1772
Martin, Rachel 1774
Martin, Richard  
Martin, Richard 1609-11-22
Martin, Richard estimated 1636
Martin, Robert about 1591
Martin, Sarah 1772
Martin, Thomas 1738
Martin, Thomas, Jr. 1766
Martin, William 1631-03-01
Martin, William about 1760
Martin, William 1779
Martin, [Living]  
Martin, [Living]  
Martin, [Living]  
Martin, [Living]  
Martin, [Living]  
Martin, [Living]  
Martin, [Living]