Huffines, Daniel Frank

Birth Name Huffines, Daniel Frank
Call Name Frank
Gender male
Age at Death more than 55 years, 6 months


"Frank" in the 1900 census and later.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1854-07-00 Jackson, TN    
Death after 1910      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Huffines, Daniel Harrisonabout 1828after 1880
Mother Davenport, Sarah Jane1828-07-00after 1883
    Sister     Huffines, Sarah Elizabeth 1847-10-24 1913-01-01
    Brother     Huffines, William Howard? 1850-02-04 1896-10-23
         Huffines, Daniel Frank 1854-07-00 after 1910
    Brother     Huffines, Jesse Ellis 1854-08-04 1923-02-11
    Sister     Huffines, Denorsey Angeline 1857-04-21 1891-06-18
    Brother     Huffines, Alexander C.Z. 1857-11-20 1926-07-23
    Brother     Huffines, Sidney Samuel 1861-11-04 1905-05-09
    Brother     Huffines, Thomas Edna 1863-12-00 1920-03-31
    Brother     Huffines, Miles J. 1865-02-04 1937-04-20
    Sister     Huffines, Nancy E. 1868 after 1880
    Sister     Huffines, Almedia J. 1870-10-28 1912-04-28


Family of Huffines, Daniel Frank and Hufhines, Amanda Melvina

Married Wife Hufhines, Amanda Melvina ( * 1856-03-00 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1875-04-10 Jackson, TN marriage of "D F Huffines and Amanda Hufhines"  
Event Note

from Huffines Family site -


home in 1880: District 3, Jackson County, TN as "Daniel and Amanda M Hufhines"
Home in 1900: District 3, Jackson, Tennessee as "F[rank] and Amanda Huffhines"
Home in 1910: District 10, Macon, Tennessee as "Frank and Manda Huffins" only daughter Alice remains

In 1900 a "G daughter" lives with them named Vimi

Name Birth Date Death Date
Huffines, Sarah B1878
Huffines, Angeletta1879-12-00
Huffines, Rettie1882-03-00
Huffines, Rosie1884-04-00
Huffines, Lizzie1885-10-00
Huffines, Carlock1890-08-221952-04-11
Huffines, Eddie1890-09-00
Huffines, Alice1892-03-00