Huffines, Daniel Frank

Birth Name Huffines, Daniel Frank
Call Name Frank
Gender male
Age at Death more than 55 years, 6 months


"Frank" in the 1900 census and later.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1854-07-00 Jackson, TN    
Death after 1910      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Huffines, Daniel Harrisonabout 1828between 1883 and 1891
Mother Davenport, Sarah Jane1828-07-00after 1883
    Sister     Huffines, Sarah Elizabeth 1847-10-24 1913-01-01
    Brother     Huffines, William Howard? 1850-02-04 1896-10-23
         Huffines, Daniel Frank 1854-07-00 after 1910
    Brother     Huffines, Jesse Ellis 1854-08-04 1923-02-11
    Sister     Huffines, Denorsey Angeline 1857-04-21 1891-06-18
    Brother     Huffines, Alexander C.Z. 1857-11-20 1926-07-23
    Brother     Huffines, Sidney Samuel 1861-11-04 1905-05-09
    Brother     Huffines, Thomas Edna 1863-12-00 1920-03-31
    Brother     Huffines, Miles J. 1865-02-04 1937-04-20
    Sister     Huffines, Nancy E. 1868 after 1880
    Sister     Huffines, Almedia J. 1870-10-28 1912-04-28


Family of Huffines, Daniel Frank and Hufhines, Amanda Melvina

Married Wife Hufhines, Amanda Melvina ( * 1856-03-00 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1875-04-10 Jackson, TN marriage of "D F Huffines and Amanda Hufhines"  
Event Note

from Huffines Family site -


home in 1880: District 3, Jackson County, TN as "Daniel and Amanda M Hufhines"
Home in 1900: District 3, Jackson, Tennessee as "F[rank] and Amanda Huffhines"
Home in 1910: District 10, Macon, Tennessee as "Frank and Manda Huffins" only daughter Alice remains

In 1900 a "G daughter" lives with them named Vimi

Name Birth Date Death Date
Huffines, Sarah B1878
Huffines, Angeletta1879-12-00
Huffines, Rettie1882-03-00
Huffines, Rosie1884-04-00
Huffines, Lizzie1885-10-00
Huffines, Carlock1890-08-221952-04-11
Huffines, Eddie1890-09-00
Huffines, Alice1892-03-00