Davenport, Norman Buford

Birth Name Davenport, Norman Buford
Call Name Buford
Gender male
Age at Death 55 years, 11 months, 7 days


Some discrepencies:
Norman B in James hh, but Buford O on death cert
Norman Buford on WW1 Draft Reg, but went by Buford in census'
born Jan 15, 1898 in WW1 Draft Reg, but death cert says Jan 6, 1898


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1898-01-15 Sumner Co., TN    
Death 1953-12-22 Simpson, KY   1


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, James Cephus1872-03-221943-10-30
Mother Veatch, Sarah Elizabeth1876-11-04between 1900 and 1901
         Davenport, Norman Buford 1898-01-15 1953-12-22
    Brother     Davenport, Elias Job 1900-09-01 1967-11-13


Family of Davenport, Norman Buford and Claybourne, Mamie Omiee

Married Wife Claybourne, Mamie Omiee ( * 1899-08-05 + 1977-06-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1915-04-29 Sumner Co., TN   2

Home in 1918: Westmoreland, Sumner, TN w/ wife "Mamy"
Home in 1920: Civil District 12, Sumner, Tennessee
==> cannot find in 1930, but KY birth records indicate Simpson County after 1925

additional children and details in this family from Walter Leonard Davenport, Jr.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, [Living]
Davenport, Elizabeth Bell1917
Davenport, Maude Ellieabout 1918
Davenport, Sarah Maud Della1919after 1931
Davenport, Otho Lee1921-02-142005-10-03
Davenport, James Norman1923-05-211971-02-17
Davenport, Minnie Etheline1925-08-18
Davenport, Bessie May1928-02-252003-03-31
Davenport, Gladys Madine1930-01-221997-12-25
Davenport, Walter Leonard Sr1932-04-122008-01-19
Davenport, Leslie Kenneth1934-01-052007-10-19
Davenport, Mary Ann1940-05-202014-09-27