Huffhines, William

Birth Name Huffhines, William
Also Known As Hufhines
Also Known As Huffhine
Gender male
Age at Death less than 60 years


[kdd: Note that William is Philip's brother, so George Davenport was marrying his great-uncle's grand-daughter!]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1790 and 1800 Stokes, NC    
Death before 1850 Jackson, TN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hoffheintz, Johann Daniel1736-05-261816-08-16
Mother Wagner, Catharina1740-05-22after 1816
    Brother     Huffhines, Johannes (John) 1772-08-04 1840
    Brother     Hufhines, Philip 1778-05-26 1821
    Brother     Hufhines, Jacob about 1780 after 1860
    Brother     Hufhines, Daniel B? 1787 1869
    Sister     Hufhines, Margaret 1788 between 1879 and 1880
    Brother     Huffhines, Adam 1788 1860
    Brother     Huffhines, Edward about 1794 1800
         Huffhines, William between 1790 and 1800 before 1850


Family of Huffhines, William and Smith, Margaret

Married Wife Smith, Margaret ( * between 1790 and 1800 + before 1840 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1821-02-08 Carter, TN Marriage of "William Huffhine" and "Peggy Smith" 1
Event Note

"Peter Forkum" co-signed the marriage bond. John L Williams Justice of the Peace.
[Peter married William's sister Margaret]


William moved from Yadkin, Stokes Co, NC to Washington Co, TN about 1816, and married Peggy Smith 1821 in Carter County, TN. They probably moved with brother Daniel to Jackson County, TN ~1825 (from a land grant to Daniel Jan. 11, 1825 ) Phillip and Jacob were (variously) on Tax Lists of Washington Co, TN from 1814-1819. Jacob was there till after 1830. A clue to where they lived is that Huffine Cemetery is near the Tri-Cities Airport along the Watauga River - or right next to the border with Carter Co, TN.

1830 Jackson County, TN Census:
William Hufhines: 1m<5 1m5-10 1m20-30(wrong age) 1f<5 1f5-10 1f30-40 1f40-50 (mother?)
and note, definitely 2 sons _before_ 1830 so excludes William G b.1831

1840 Jackson County, TN Census:
William Huffines: 2m15-20 2m20-25 m40-50 f<5 2f5-10 f20-30
, but note, sons older than 20 would precede marriage with Peggy Smith - perhaps just a farm laborer

Lori Adcox believes the 3 year old Louisa Huffines girl living with Aunt Margaret Forkum is also theirs ( by elimination of alternatives). This is Louisa Elizabeth Huffines who married Haywood Richardson. However, where was Peggy in the 1840 Census?

Both parents dead by 1850 - Milly lives with sister Elizabeth Davenport, a few doors from brother William Huffines.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Huffines, Elizabeth1824after 1880
Huffines, Elisha Almar1826-10-161897-01-13
Huffines, Daniel Harrisonabout 1828between 1883 and 1891
Huffines, Martha Cabout 1830before 1900
Huffines, William G.1831after 1855
Huffines, Milly1837after 1850
Huffhines, Louisa Elizabethabout 1844