Davenport, Joseph

Birth Name Davenport, Joseph
Nick Name Joe
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years, 5 months, 11 days


One of the 2 Davenport's listed in 1851 Voters List -

Deposition taken: 7 July 1855.
"I have been acquainted with him [James G. Kirby] and I have seen him at our precincts ever since I can remember. He is older than I am I think from his size when we were growing up. I am 37 years old the 25th Dec. next, according to the information of my parents.
After he [James G. Kirby] married, he moved from our district."
/signed/ Joseph Davenport

DOUGLAS, HUGH & CO. vs A. S. HUFFINES and others Chancery 1871-1875
DEPOSITION: JOSEPH DAVENPORT, age 56,[1874] know parties, live about 4 miles from where store was at Highland, lived there 20 years or more. Botts & Hufhines did business there about 3 years.
[Signed] Joseph Davenport

. . . 1866 . . . Joseph Davenport, Deputy Sheriff of Jackson Co. TN.
"June 8th 1875...said John A. Ray which which he said ray paid and lawfully satisfied to one Joseph Davenport constable who made the judgment upon the docket..."

Apparently Joseph died unexpectedly at 56 years old leaving his family destitute.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1818-12-25 Jackson, TN    
Death 1875-06-05 Jackson, TN    
Event Note

17 Aug. 1875.
. . . [Joseph Davenport] departed this life intestate . . . his death on the 5th day of June 1875 and Elizabeth Davenport, the widow of said deceased. . .


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Henry17901846-01-19
Mother Cassetty, Hannah Eabout 1802after 1862
    Sister     Davenport, Nancy 1817 after 1880
         Davenport, Joseph 1818-12-25 1875-06-05
    Brother     Davenport, unknown son between 1817 and 1820
    Brother     Davenport, Andrew Jackson 1827 before 1900
    Sister     Davenport, Sarah 1830 after 1880
    Sister     Davenport, Serena E. 1833 after 1880
    Brother     Davenport, John 1835 1921-01-28
    Sister     Davenport, Marsilva 1836 prob after 1870
    Brother     Davenport, Henry 1838 after 1850
    Brother     Davenport, John? 1840 after 1850


Family of Davenport, Joseph and Huffines, Elizabeth

Married Wife Huffines, Elizabeth ( * 1824 + after 1880 )

In Joseph's first census appearance 1840 lists 1m<5, 1m20-30, 1f<5 and no wife! So William and Mary could have had a different mother. Sloan researcher thinks Rhoda was his first wife.

Home in 1862: Jackson Co, TN (Civil War Tax Valuation)
Home in 1880: District 3, Jackson, Tennessee (Elizabeth, Ward, Lovenia, Simpson)

note Martin and Sampson are names of Joseph's mother's brothers.

Oct 24, 1874 Probate court authorized 1 year support for the widow Elizabeth Davenport and children:
"Report of the Commishioners appointed at the Oct term of the County Court of Jackson County to lay off and set apart one years support to Elisabeth Davenport and her children, widow of Joseph Davenport, which Report is in the following words and figures (to wit): we find nothing on hand but what is exempt but about five or six hundred lbs of tobacco which are given to said widow and children all of which was done on the 24th Oct 1874. Joel Richardson, James Williams, James Ray, [Carver? illegible]
clerk, Hy Harley"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, William1839before 1870
Davenport, Mary Emeline1841-10-151909-12-17
Davenport, Martin S1844-12-021915-07-30
Davenport, Miles Metha1847-12-011921-01-25
Davenport, George18481860
Davenport, Elias Job or Jefferson1849between 1910 and 1920
Davenport, Margret Evaline1853-05-151936-12-11
Davenport, Nancy Elizabeth18551917-11-22
Davenport, Louvina? A1856-04-00before 1910
Davenport, Sampson Alexander1861-02-121919-01-03
Davenport, Wade Henry?1861-03-00