McCrobert, James 1

Birth Name McCrobert, James
Also Known As McRobert, John
Gender male
Age at Death between 37 years, 1 day and 42 years, 11 months, 30 days


from Terry McRoberts db:
John and Mary (McCormack) came from Kirkinner Parish, Wigtownshire,Co. Galloway, Scotland. Relocated to Windsor Co., Vermont in the mid 1770's. Members of this family eventually settled in New York, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Noted by Jeannie (McRobert) Brookshire:
John or (James) McRoberts ancestors probably used the surname of "MacRobert" and were members of the Scottish Clan Robertson. James and Polly came from Kirkinner, Wigtown Co., Scotland, on Wigtown Bay (about 75 miles due south of Glasgow). Mary "Polly" (McCormack) McRobert and several of her children came to America about 1773-74, settled in Springfield, Vermont. John (James) and Mary had at least 8 children and 52 Grandchildren.

Email from Gregory Bender ( who uses Vonnie McRoberts Wilson as a reference: James was a tenant farmer at Knockferrick Farmhouse and Steading and North Clutag farmhouse, both in Wigtownshire; married circa 1755 to Mary McCornock (McCormack) b. 1739 Scotland, died Feb.1,1813 in either Addison or Rutland Counties Vermont. Vonnie's source was a woman in Rantoul, Illinois, now deceased. Notes about High Outage (High Clutag), Little Clutag, Kirkinner and Wm M'Robert, tenant in Clatag 1772-could be a brother? Internet source "Wills of Wigtownshire" William M'Robert, tenant in Clatag, 1772.

On pg 298 and several pages after are stories about the wise witch of Kirkinner: "Mall McRobert lived in a wee house at the foot of Kirkinner Village..."
[The stories were told about 1800, but probably occurred much earlier. The last wtich burning in Scotland was 1727.]


A reference to Clutach in Kirkinner found in "Lands and Their Owners in Galloway" by Peter McKerlie
"We have still to give another charter which was granted by William, brother of Robert, Lord Leytoun, in favour of Sir Patrick Vaus, of all and haill the five merk land of Clauchrie, and half merk land of Clutach, parish of Kirkinner, dated 10th August 1590"
and again, later,
"In 1668, he [John Vans] disponed to his brother Alexander, of Barquhannie, the lands of Barnbarroch and Barglas, etc., Kildarroch, Capenoch, Clutog, Knocknow, Drumjargon, Knockeffrick, Blairmakin, Slewhibbert, Mill Little Airies, Barvnnock, and other lands in the parish of Glasserton."
and now grandson,
"On the 24th March, 1758, he [John Vans] had sasine of Clutag and Knockferrick, etc."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1732 and 1734 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland Knockferrick Farm  
Death between 1772 and 1774 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland June 1774 according to his son  
Event Note

Confirmation Document of William McCrobert dated Sep 28 1772 says Jamesis already deceased.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McCrobert, Williamabout 17031769-05-15
Mother McIlmine, Janet1697-02-07
    Sister     McCrobert, Janet 1727-04-24
    Sister     McCrobert, Margaret 1730-06-09
         McCrobert, James between 1732 and 1734 between 1772 and 1774
    Brother     McCrobert, Alexander 1734-11-07
    Brother     McCrobert, David 1737-03-18
    Brother     McCrobert, Patrick 1739-05-07


Family of McCrobert, James and McCornack, Mary

Married Wife McCornack, Mary ( * 1737-02-21 + 1813-02-01 )

message board post by Greg Bender:
My ancestor John/James Mcrobert was born in Scotland (circa 1734) & apparently died while living in Kirkinner Parish at a farm Clutagh.Also lived at places called Knockeffrick & Meikle Clutchad. Married Mary (polly) Mcornack/Mcornock/Mcormack circa 1755. He died in Scotland and the next year she took the children and went to America.
Their son William sent the following letter to one of his sons: (1832 or later):
"I was born in September 1761. I lost my father in June 1774. Sailed for New York on board of "Golden Rule" commanded by Captain Cragg. Landed at New York the later part of September. James Martin who married my grandmother had a son of the same name that came to Boston in 1772. Wrote to his father to sell and come to him, which he did. In Albany my mother , grandmother, and 2 sisters died. My mother having 8 children. I was born in Clutak, in parish Kirkiner near Wigton Sailed from the Isle of Vohleosgn (sp. ?). My uncle David, minister of the gospel, fell on the Isle and later died near Dumfree. I feel concerned for Lycurgus that he may get bit by snakes. From your affectionate father, William"
[note - closest island is Isle of Whithorn. There is a James Martin in Albany, NY then, with a large household]

See Statistical Accounts of 1791-1799 for Scotland, Wigtonshire, Kirkinner for general account of the parish -
"Between 40-50 persons emigrated from this parish to America, in the year 1775, with a view to settle there as planters or artisans" [ed. And for good reason! A grim account of tenant farmers suffering under excess taxes and rising rents. This period of Scottish history is called "The Lowland Clearances" - and ]

Possible relatives that arrived in the same period -
Peter McRobert b.1736, farmer, res. Drumlanrig Dumfriesshire, immig. May 1774 from Kirkcudbright to NY in ship Adventure (PRO.T47.12)

About Kirkinner:

Name Birth Date Death Date
McRoberts, William1761-09-001839-08-25
McRoberts, Jannot1756-07-28
McRoberts, John1758-07-311813-04-04
McRoberts, Mary1763-03-23
McRoberts, Margaret1765
McRoberts, Penelope1765-09-11
McRoberts, Elizabeth17691828-12-24
McRoberts, James1770