McRoberts, John

Birth Name McRoberts, John
Also Known As McRobert, John
Also Known As McCrobert, John
Gender male
Age at Death 54 years, 8 months, 4 days


Served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. In 1775 he served under Colonel Warner during the campaign in Canada in 1776. In Febrary of 1776 he was stationed at Abraham's Plains. He went with Asahel Powers downriver to the Island of Orleans. Served as orderly Sgt.under Capt. Thomas Lee's Independent Company of Rangers, annexed to Colonel Seth Warnars regiment from 1777/8. In 1777 he marched from Cavendish and was in the battles of Bennington and Bemis Heights, at the taking of Burgoyne. He was honorably discharged in 1780 having performed 2 years of service as an orderly sergeant. In 1780 served as a Private for 3 months in Capt. Blakeslee's Company and Col Malcolm's Regiment.

Several references to John McRoberts in "History of the Town of Springfield, Vermont" -
Both John and brother William listed as real estate owners in 1782 along with James Martin and Simeon Bradford.

He engaged in farming and lumbering in the vicinity of Whiting, Vermont. After his death in 1813, his wife Lucy (Bradford) moved to Pittsfield, Ohio, where all their children, except the oldest, David, who had moved, lived out their lives in this small, rural community south and west of Cleveland.

Noted by Peggy ???:
Tenants at Knockferrick Farm in Kirkinner Parish
John and Lucy moved to Orvell about 1812.

Notes by Kyle Davenport:
On March 13, 1781, John McRoberts was selected one of the Haywards.
In 1794, John was one of the Freemen of Springfield, Vermont.
In 1800 and 1810 Census, as "John McRobert" [no "s"]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1758-07-31 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland July 29, 1758 on findagrave  
Christening 1758-08-09 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland   1
Military Service 1778   Orderly Sargent in Revolutionary War  
Census 1790 Springfield, Windsor Co, VT   2
Census 1800 Springfield, Windsor Co, VT    
Census 1810 Springfield, Windsor Co, VT    
Death 1813-04-04 Orwell, Addison Co., VT    
Burial   Sudbury, Rutland Co., VT Wallace Cemetery  
Event Note


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McCrobert, Jamesbetween 1732 and 1734between 1772 and 1774
Mother McCornack, Mary1737-02-211813-02-01
    Sister     McRoberts, Jannot 1756-07-28
         McRoberts, John 1758-07-31 1813-04-04
    Brother     McRoberts, William 1761-09-00 1839-08-25
    Sister     McRoberts, Mary 1763-03-23
    Sister     McRoberts, Margaret 1765
    Sister     McRoberts, Penelope 1765-09-11
    Sister     McRoberts, Elizabeth 1769 1828-12-24
    Brother     McRoberts, James 1770


Family of McRoberts, John and Bradford, Lucy

Married Wife Bradford, Lucy ( * 1762-10-02 + 1845-07-27 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1782-01-03 Springfield, Windsor Co, VT Marriage to McRoberts, John  

1790: Springfield, Windsor, VT (1 adult male, 2 adult females, 2 male minors) [miscounted Mary as boy?]
1800: Springfield, Windsor, VT ("John McRobert"; m10-15, m26-45, 4f<10, f26-45) [James counted as girl?]
1810: Springfield, Windsor, VT ("John McRobert"; m<10, m>45, 2f<10, f10-15, f16-25, f>45) [still no James?]

Name Birth Date Death Date
McRoberts, David1782-03-231831-10-14
McRoberts, Mary Polly1787-08-001877-04-30
McRoberts, Cynthia1792-03-001878
McRoberts, Lucetta17961889
McRoberts, James1798-03-191861-04-19
McRoberts, Jane17991828
McRoberts, Peter1804-02-101847
McRoberts, Belzora18081883-07-31