Burt, Henry

Birth Name Burt, Henry
Gender male
Age at Death about 67 years, 3 months, 29 days


Emigrated 1638 or 1639. His Roxbury Mass house burnt down and the General Court gave him eight pounds Nov 1639 because of this loss. 1640 he moved to Springfield. See Burnham's Genealogical Records of Henry and Ulalia Burt

Pioneers of MA by Charles Henry Pope:
BURT, Henry. Springfield, town officer, 1642; frm Apr 13, 1648. Clerk of the writs. One of the four men who conducted Sabbath services in 1651 in the absence of a minister. Wife Ulalia d. 19 Aug 1690. Of children listed here, Sarah is not named by Pope. Her information is from Gladys Bagrowski. Henry willed part of his estate to son, Nathaniel; wished his wife to have therest. Is father of Henry: Jonathan who md Deliverance Langkton?

Henry Burt lived in Haberton, Devon, England 1624. Lost house to fire in Roxbury, MA 1638 and received compensation for that fire 5 Nov 1638 at Roxbury as recorded in Massachusetts Bay Colony records. This Burt family had moved to Agawam (now Springfield), Massachusetts, by 1640 when the town gave permission for Henry and two others to "seeke out for ye use each of them a Connoe Tree." (People of today are used to doing what the law does not forbid, people in the 17th century did what the law would allow.) Henry was a Springfield town officer, 1642. He was on the first committee elected in September 1644 to govern the town and served for ten terms as selectman. Henry was made a freeman in 1648; served as Clerk of the writs from 1649 to 1662 and issued summonses in civil suits, granted writs of attachment, and kept records of births, deaths, and marriages. It is because of the work of Henry Burt that Springfield town records are such a wonderful resource for early vital records. Thanks Henry! He was one of four men who conducted Sabbath services in 1656-1657 in the absence of a minister. Hard money was scarce in those days, and he frequently hauled goods to Hartford to pay his bill at John Pynchon's store. Henry Burt and Nathaniel Ely were assigned to take inventory of John Harmon's estate in May 1661. Henry died 1662 and gave part of his estate to son, Nathaniel; wished his wife to have the rest.

BURT (From Springfield Families:
HENRY BURT and Eulalia (1) Boston Transcript, Monday Feb. 6 1905 calls her Eulalia Marche. (2)
Springfield Republican, Monday Mar. 6, 1905 extract from marriage licenses of Diocese of Exeter,
England, Henry Burt of Harberton and Ulalia Marche of Deanprior 23 Dec. 1619.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1595 Harberton, Devonshire England    
Death 1662-04-30 Springfield, MA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Burt, Henry1567before 1617-07-10
Mother ?, Isettabout 1570after 1629-03-14
    Sister     Burt, Johan about 1590 after 1629-03-14
    Sister     Burt, Raddegan about 1591 after 1617-07-10
    Brother     Burt, John about 1592
    Sister     Burt, Allies Alice about 1593 after 1617-07-10
         Burt, Henry about 1595 1662-04-30
    Sister     Burt, Agnes about 1596 after 1617-07-10
    Sister     Burt, Elizabeth about 1597 after 1617


Family of Burt, Henry and March, Eulalia

Married Wife March, Eulalia ( * about 1600 + 1690-08-29 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1619-12-28 Dean Prior, Devonshire, England Marriage of Burt, Henry and March, Eulalia  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Burt, Sarah
Burt, Mary1689-08-30
Burt, David1690
Burt, Jonathan1715-10-19
Burt, MaryINFANT
Burt, Samuelbetween 1622 and 1623
Burt, Abigail1623-07-011707-11-23
Burt, Nathanielabout 16361720-09-29
Burt, Elizabeth16381691-02-14
Burt, Dorcas1641-03-19
Burt, Hannah1641-04-29
Burt, Patience1645-08-181732-10-25
Burt, Mercy1647-09-17before 1706-07-11
Type Value Notes Sources
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