Davenport, Daniel?

Birth Name Davenport, Daniel?
Also Known As Davenport
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 54 years


Some speculations about Virginia Davenports
1) 4 brothers arrive in Jackson Co, TN about 1813 to 1818 without parents.
2) Their mother arrives 1820-1830 named Elizabeth (next door in 1830 Jackson Co, TN Census)
3) Their names, Henry, Joseph, James, Charles, and the names of their children: John, Elias, Martin, Thomas, William, George, match so many Pamunkey names.
4) Y-DNA test says NOT Pamunkey, but perhaps another English line (Ballard?) raised by Pamunkey's?
5) Clues point to origin in Bedford/Franklin/Augusta Counties in Virginia.
6) Out of 54 Davenport's in 1810 VA, only 4 have more than 1 son of the brothers' age - only 1 which is not definitely Pamunkey is Joseph Devenport of Bedford Co, VA
7) Joseph Devenport in Botetourt (once Augusta!) in 1820, but gone by 1830 (so Elizabeth could leave for TN)

1810: 0 1 2 0 1 | 0 0 2 1 1
1820: 0 0 1 1 0 1 | 0 0 1 0 1 (no slaves)

8) Note name coincidences - One of the brothers is a Joseph; Henry and Charles have sons named Joseph. Joel is a neighbor in the census, and our John Davenport b.1767 in Bedford named a son Joel. Also using "Devenport" instead of "Davenport"

A "Joseph Devenport" was a private in Revolution (Roll 95 & 112) 1st, 10th, & 14th Regiment of the Continental Line
Other Devenports in Rolls - Joel, Martin, John, Moses, Opie, William, Reuben
(Martin Devenport in Albemarle county 1778; Spotsylvania 1798 is the well-known Pamunkey Davenport)
Joseph Devinport in 1789 Fairfax County (Tax Rolls)
A Jonathan Devenport in Augusta County 1783 (probate of Solomon Below)
- and John Devenport May 30, 1783 as a purchaser of John McDonough's estate.
Tom? Devenport in Augusta 1790 (Tax Rolls)
James Davenport in Augusta Nov, 1768 (witness to land transfer)
A Jesse and Susanna Davenport in Augusta 1767 ( may be Jesse Davenport and Susanna Thompson of Albemarle Co much later)
"Indenture made 2 May 1745 between Cornelius Cargill of Brunswick and Henry Devenport of same"
"Annals of SW Virginia" A list of the regiments at the battle of Point Pleasant (in Botetourt County)
"A Partial List of Men from SW Virginia to whom lands were granted by the King of England by Reason of Services in French-Indian War - 1758-1763"
Sgt. Joseph Davenport Dec 2, 1773 200 Acres ==> born before 1745

The birth year for Daniel is a guess based on these facts:
1) Some accounts of Joseph Ledbetter's gift to Daniel and Elizabeth Davenport in 1787 do not specify that that Joseph Ledbetter, Jr, not Sr. Elizabeth was daughter of Jr in the original reference, "Ledbetters of Virginia". So that constrains Elizabeth's age to about 1765, and usually, for young couples, they are approximately the same age.
2) In his only census appearance in 1810, Daniel is at most 44, or born 1766.
3) Brother Matthew was born 1766.
4) It seems very much more likely they married young, and about 1787, so that they would immediately start their family when we know the 4 brothers were born (1789-1794)
5) Thomas Davenport born 1788 in Prince George Co, VA and died 1870 in Lunenberg Co, VA, death cert says son of Daniel and Amy, or Daniel and Nancy (2 accounts on LDS). Thomas likely had brother James, so this is problematic.
6) Earliest record mentioning Daniel Davenport is 4 Mar 1786 land sale. This implies he has reached maturity (21 years old) in 1786 which gives about 1765 for birth.

Daniel last tax list in Prince George 1796
Daniel in Campbell 1797
Daniel in 1800 tax list Charlotte
Daniel in Campbell 1801,1802,1803 (distances of only a few miles apart - probably tenant farmer or itinerant craftsman)
Daniel in Charlotte 1804
note - a wealthier Elizabeth Davenport remains in Charlotte thru-out. Said to be William Davenport's widow
Final reference to Daniel Davenport 1819 Charlotte Co.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1765 Prince George Co, VA    
Death after 1819 Charlotte Co, VA    
Event Note

Last record of Daniel was 1819 Charlotte Co, VA


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Edward?about 1730after 1773
         Davenport, Daniel? about 1765 after 1819
    Brother     Deavenport, Mathew 1766 1866


Family of Davenport, Daniel? and Ledbetter?, Elizabeth

Married Wife Ledbetter?, Elizabeth ( * about 1765 + between 1830 and 1840 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1787 Prince George Co, VA    

May be another son named John Davenport too. Elizabeth could be Joseph Devenport's mother or the "four brothers" grandmother.

JSDavenport's James River Davenports Search:
"3Feb1787 ­ DEED OF GIFT: Joseph Ledbetter to Daniel Davenport, both of Bristol Parish, Prince George County, gift of one Negro girl Betty, to go to said Daniel and heirs lawfully gotten by his wife Elizabeth Davenport, daughter of said Ledbetter...
/s/ Joseph Ledbetter. Wit: David Davenport, Wm. Ledbetter, Joseph Kirkland. (Prince George County, VA, Deeds, ?:164)
--> By other deeds (c1787), David Davenport's land in Prince George adjoined Joseph Ledbetter and Wood Ledbetter."

Same deed from "Ledbetters from Virginia", pg 37-38
"...On 3 Feb 1787 Joseph, Junior, sold a slave to Daniel Davenport "now in possession of said Daniel and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of said Ledbetter," Prince George Deed Book 1, p.164. Deed was witnessed by William, brother of Joseph, Junior. On 10 Feb 1789 Joseph "for natural for his brother," Wood deeds to him 104 acres on Procock Swamp adjoining David Davenport, Prince George Deed Book 1, p 216. Joseph and wife Mary in 1789 sold land to Allen Hadden as shown by Deed Records of Dinwiddie County. Joseph was on tax list of Prince George Co from 1782 to 1796. Joseph m. about 1765 Mary, d 1808, dau of John Lanthrop and wife Rebecca. They had Elizabeth, m before 1787 Daniel Davenport...."

Some coincidences suggest they may be James River Davenports:
1) marriage of Daniel Davenport and Elizabeth Ledbetter before 1787 in Prince George County, VA, or,
2) Elisha Davenport of Patrick Co, VA - http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/davenport/2008-09/1220816083
3) Joseph Davenport and Judith Richardson are included in the JSDavenport's James River Chronicles "Prince George Marriages". Richardsons were neighbors and intermarried with Davenports in Jackson County.

Alternate parents of the 4 brothers? have never found their children:
Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850
Marriage Date: 24 Dec 1787
County: Petersburg
State: Virginia
[probably the family of Joseph Davenport, writing master at William & Mary College, Petersburg, VA]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, James
Davenport, Edwardabout 17851831-08-06
Davenport, Thomasabout 17881870-09-30