Hall, William Henry

Birth Name Hall, William Henry
Call Name Bill
Gender male
Age at Death about 57 years, 26 days




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1845 Jackson, AL alt: Sep 15, 1842  
Death 1902-01-27 Okolona, Clark, AR    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hall, Thomas Washington Sr1812-05-231897-10-02
Mother Taylor, Sarah A1813-07-061896-03-13
    Sister     Hall, Nancy 1832-10-19 1886-12-02
    Brother     Hall, Thomas Washington Jr 1837-03-19 1912-03-18
    Brother     Hall, John Jackson 1840 1864
    Sister     Hall, Martha J about 1842 after 1850
         Hall, William Henry about 1845 1902-01-27
    Brother     Hall, Josiah Silas 1847-03-06 1929-09-26
    Brother     Hall, Samuel Hurley Sr 1855-11-10 1883-09-07


Family of Hall, William Henry and Frazier, Amanda M

Married Wife Frazier, Amanda M ( * about 1847 + after 1930 )

referred to in father's probate "of Okolona, Ark"
Home in 1910: South Fork, Clark, Arkansas

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hall, John Henry1865-04-001927-03-12
Hall, James Forest18681942-10-18
Hall, Samuel Thomas18711931-04-18
Hall, Robert1875
Hall, Elizabeth1877
Hall, William T1889-03-211986-08-00