Hall, Josiah Silas

Birth Name Hall, Josiah Silas
Nick Name "J S" or "Si"
Also Known As Hall, Joesiah
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years, 6 months, 20 days


My grandmother Mary Jane Hall said that J S Hall had read the bible thru several times and preached in numerous churches. He kept both a store and a farm. She said he fought in the Civil War and that "one day a bullet just whizzed by his ear almost got him, it was so close. Glad it didn't, aren't you?"

His grandson Willie Hall referred to him as "Si or J.S."

Dates from Butler Cemetery: http://files.usgwarchives.org/al/jackson/cemeteries/butler.txt
(but note spelling "Joesiah Hall")

In 1860 Census, called "Isaac"

U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907 publ ancestry.com
5 Nov 1884 80.4 acres in Jackson County, AL

Could be him - enlisted as private for Confederacy, Company G, 23rd Infantry Regiment Alabama (1861-1865)
M374 roll 18. Lists him as "Josiah J Hall" , but could be transcription error. No other Josiah Hall's in 1860 census, but there is a Josiah T Hall b.1840 in Jackson Co 1870.
definitely him - http://www.archives.alabama.gov/civilwar/soldier.cfm?id=79407
"Home Guard" d.o.b Mar 8, 1847 enlisted 12/1864 ; discharged 1865. As recorded by Jackson Co Tax Assessor living in Larkin, 1907.

"Silas" from 1920 census - only possible match for Josiah in Jackson Co. He married Mrs. Dora Bean. Marriage license says he was 72 years old ( Dora was 59). 5'6" tall and 125 lbs.

JS Hall was paid $50 in father's probate for "care of the deceased"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1847-03-06 Jackson Co, AL    
Occupation     farmer, store owner, minister  
Death 1929-09-26 Paint Rock, Estillfork, Jackson Co., Alabama   1a
Burial   Paint Rock, Estillfork, Jackson Co., Alabama Butler Cemetery  
Event Note

curious - tombstone has "Joesiah Hall"


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hall, Thomas Washington Sr1812-05-231897-10-02
Mother Taylor, Sarah A1813-07-061896-03-13
    Sister     Hall, Nancy 1832-10-19 1886-12-02
    Brother     Hall, Thomas Washington Jr 1837-03-19 1912-03-18
    Brother     Hall, John Jackson 1840 1864
    Sister     Hall, Martha J about 1842 after 1850
    Brother     Hall, William Henry about 1845 1902-01-27
         Hall, Josiah Silas 1847-03-06 1929-09-26
    Brother     Hall, Samuel Hurley Sr 1855-11-10 1883-09-07


Family of Hall, Josiah Silas and Hinshaw, Martha Jane

Married Wife Hinshaw, Martha Jane ( * 1847-02-08 + 1918-09-05 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1866-08-23 Jackson Co, AL Marriage of Hall, Josiah S and Hinshaw, Martha Jane 2 3 4

Home in 1870: Township 1 Range 4, Jackson, Alabama (next door to brother Thomas & Eliza)
Home in 1880: Beat 14, Jackson, Alabama (as "Hawl", next door to Thomas & Sarah Hall)
(note - no Samuel and Henry in 1880 Census! Dates changed from STAFA)
Home in 1900: Larkin, Jackson, Alabama
Home in 1910: Bishop, Jackson, Alabama (with "cousin-in-law" Humphrey Erwin & grandchildren Erwin's)
(cannot find 1920)

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hall, William Thomas1868-10-001940-07-02
Hall, Sarah Elizabeth1873-01-311898-06-18
Hall, James Robert1876-02-081900-10-13
Hall, Nancy Ellen1881-07-191909-12-16
Hall, Samuelabout 1883about 1883
Hall, Joseph F1885-01-071900-11-13
Hall, Henry Lee1887-06-061963-03-03

Family of Hall, Josiah Silas and Grimmett, Isadora

Married Wife Grimmett, Isadora ( * 1860-08-14 + 1931-11-30 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1919-06-22 Jackson Co, AL marriage of Josiah Hall and Dora Bean 5a

1920: Bishop, Jackson Co, AL "Silas and Dorra Hall"
1930: Bishop, Jackson Co, AL "Aunt" in Ora Robertson's hh:
Ora L Robertson 35
Dora A Robertson 27
James L Robertson 9
Euldrice Robertson 5
Dora Hall 69 aunt
Octavie Trice 63 mother-in-law (Dora's sister, Octavia Grimmett)

confirmed this is Josiah S Hall's wife in AL Death Index, 1908-1959; says Dora wife of "J S Hall". She is buried next to him and his first wife in Butler Cemetery.