Alford, Loyal Adolphus

Birth Name Alford, Loyal Adolphus
Also Known As Royal
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years, 6 months, 22 days


"Rev. Oliver Alford entered and bought land and property and first settled in Virginius, Addison County, Vermont and afterwards settled at Ferrisburg, Addison County, Vermont about the year 1805. Oliver was one of the Vermont Patriots in the Second Revolution War or War 1812 to 1815 or close of the ·war as a Minute Man and was unequaled as a fine marksman or sharp-shooter and with strength and might they pulled and pushed the raft out into the lake in darkness of night and captured a British Frigate - near Ferrisburg, May 19, 1814. A cannonball was shot through the house and home of Rev. Oliver Alford on the night that his youngest child was born, Rev. Loyal Adolphus Alford, MD, DD, LLD and the effect of that night appeared to affect him through life, during a thunder storm and he cold not overcome the strange effect. "


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1814-05-29 Ferrisburg, Addison Co, VT    
Death 1883-12-20 Logansport, Cass, IN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Alford, Oliver1767-10-271848-12-25
Mother Porter, Lovina Powers1769-09-011834-11-07
    Brother     Alford, Ira 1788-08-02 1854
    Sister     Alford, Theodosia 1790-01-03 1881
    Sister     Alford, Clarissa 1791-09-08 1865-04-07
    Sister     Alford, Lovina 1793-08-30 1795-08-24
    Brother     Alford, Oliver Jr 1795-03-20 1859-12-26
    Sister     Alford, Lovina 1797-04-26 1814-07-05
    Sister     Alford, Rebecca 1798-11-10
    Brother     Alford, Hiram about 1801 1860
    Sister     Alford, Rosetta 1802-05-24
    Brother     Alford, Martin 1804-01-03 1873-08-16
    Brother     Alford, Louis W 1806-07-18 1840-01-18
    Brother     Alford, McLancton W 1810-05-05 1873-08-16
         Alford, Loyal Adolphus 1814-05-29 1883-12-20