Powers, Lois

Birth Name Powers, Lois
Gender female
Age at Death 77 years, 2 months, 20 days


She is buried in Porter Cemetery, Ferrisburg, VT.

[kdd: I suspect Lois Powers is related to (probably aunt) Silas Powers who named his children:
Paul, Lois, Artemas, Lovina, and Julia
Also Joseph Powers who had sons Moses and Nathan.
Silas, Lavina, Joseph, and Gideon, Jr. were sons of Gideon Powers and Ruth Hosmer of Temple, NH.
Gideon was son of Gideon Powers and Lydia Russell of Littleton, Mass.
(see "A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bartlett of Newton, Mass.")

In "The Powers family : a genealogical and historical record of Walter Power and some of his descendants":
Gideon Powers and Lydia Russell had children:
Gideon b.1729
Elliott b.1732
Jonas b.1738
William b.1740
(missing daughters?)
Note Gideon's brother Jonathan named a daughter Lois b.27 Mar 1732
Gideon s/o Capt. Isaac Powers, s/o Walter Powers b.1639 and Mary Winship]

Note: Noah Porter served in Rev War from Richmond, NH with Joseph, Nathaniel, and Abner Powers.
also in Charlestown, NH with Abner, Simeon, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Whitcomb, Joseph Powers
(all names in Walter Powers descendants in NH)

Her daughter, Lois Potter Davis said she was of Irish stock, and another line of Powers came from Ireland unrelated to Walter... http://news.rootsweb.com/th/read/HCPD/1999-07/0933342908


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1743-08-05     1
Event Note

many trees carry a birthdate of 1742-08-17 . This seems to have come from Frank Fremont Porter's earlier genealogy based on word of mouth, and is probably wrong.

Death 1820-10-25 Ferrisburg, Addison Co, VT   2a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Powers, Nathaniel1720-07-151777-03-17
Mother Hartwell, Hannah1723-04-12about 1793
    Brother     Powers, Simon 174?-10-30
    Brother     Powers, Simeon 17??-12-07
         Powers, Lois 1743-08-05 1820-10-25
    Sister     Powers, Hannah 1747-08-30 before 1757
    Sister     Powers, Mary 1749-01-19 about 1819
    Brother     Powers, Joseph 1750-08-27 1826-12-01
    Brother     Powers, Luke 1752-01-28 about 1827
    Brother     Powers, Nathaniel 1754 about 1827
    Brother     Powers, Whitcomb 1756-01-05 about 1831
    Sister     Powers, Hannah 1757-07-04
    Sister     Powers, Hannah 1758-10-10 about 1828
    Brother     Powers, Abner 1760-12-15 1852-09-25
    Brother     Powers, Thomas 1762 about 1837


Family of Porter, Noah and Powers, Lois

Married Husband Porter, Noah ( * 1734-05-06 + 1825-07-02 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1761-10-01 New Hampshire Marriage of Porter, Noah and Powers, Lois  
Event Note

from a fragment of diary -


additional children from http://www.fgs-project.com/vermont/groups/p/pottern.txt

In story about Lois Porter Davis in 1925, the family says Lois was of "Irish stock"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Porter, Nathan17631844
Porter, Lovina Powers1769-09-011834-11-07
Porter, Varsal1771-09-151841-09-09
Porter, Lois17731849-12-25
Porter, Lory or Lauraabout 1777
Porter, Benoniabout 1778
Porter, Silasabout 1779
Porter, Mosesbefore 1780
Porter, Noah Wright1781-12-04

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