This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Cassetty. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Cassetty, Alexander 1804
Cassetty, Amanda about 1843
Cassetty, Annie Leota  
Cassetty, Bailey Peyton 1884
Cassetty, Christina about 1845
Cassetty, David S about 1846
Cassetty, Delila about 1831
Cassetty, Earnest James 1911-10-29
Cassetty, Edgar James 1890-12-31
Cassetty, Elias Odius 1836
Cassetty, Hannah E about 1802
Cassetty, Hester  
Cassetty, Hilder 1904
Cassetty, James  
Cassetty, James Tecumseh 1852-04-24
Cassetty, Jane  
Cassetty, John about 1751
Cassetty, John T about 1848
Cassetty, Julia about 1840
Cassetty, Leonadas Dixon 1849-11-03
Cassetty, Leonidas Dixon about 1824
Cassetty, Letha about 1833
Cassetty, Libby  
Cassetty, Martin C 1860-10-00
Cassetty, Martin S. about 1815
Cassetty, Mary 1825-12-19
Cassetty, Mary Elizabeth 1858-02-15
Cassetty, Mary Jane about 1844
Cassetty, Massalorstar  
Cassetty, Monteville Glover 1854-04-12
Cassetty, Neil/Cornelius?  
Cassetty, Nicholas about 1800
Cassetty, Olepta B 1855-11-24
Cassetty, Oliver about 1837
Cassetty, Patrick  
Cassetty, Peter about 1756
Cassetty, Sampson Alexander 1824-02-03
Cassetty, Sampson W. about 1808
Cassetty, Sarah Katherine 1856-05-22
Cassetty, Sary E about 1842
Cassetty, Sidney about 1856
Cassetty, Silvia  
Cassetty, Sterling Sampson 1910
Cassetty, Susan Martha 1848-02-12
Cassetty, Thomas before 1744
Cassetty, Thomas 1762-09-09
Cassetty, Thomas about 1835
Cassetty, Thomas Draper about 1816
Cassetty, William about 1802
Cassetty, William Harvey 1845-06-12
Cassetty, William M about 1849
Cassetty, William M 1850-08-00
Cassetty, [Living]  
Cassetty, [Living]  
Cassetty, [Living]  
Cassetty, [Living]