Hyde, Jonathon

Birth Name Hyde, Jonathon
Gender male
Age at Death 85 years, 9 months, 4 days


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Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 8GXW-BK
Following copied from Heather Jordan, World Connect db=:2077600,rootsweb.com:

"Came from England to Newton at the age of 21, married Mary Frienk."Source: Cobb Family Bible

Johnathan Hyde (Jonathan Hide) came from London to America in 1647 at age21. His older brother Samuel had comeover fromLondon to Boston in 1639.He was married to Mary French, and they had 15 children. She died inchildbirth, and he remarried to Mary Rediat/Radiat and they had7children. According to "History of Newton" by Francis Jackson, JonathanHidedeeded property to 11 of his children shortly before his death. CheckNewton deeds. [Information received from Polly Boissevain (NGZK37B) onProdigy June 25, 1995.]

Wilma Terry (WLNT03A) of Prodigy July 3, 1995, says, "He was ancestor ofRev. Ephraim Hyde, grad of Yale 1759, minister of Rehobeth Church. Alsoancestor of Dr. John Angier, Physician of Freeport, ME."

Savage: "He was selectman 1691, outliv. the sec. w. more than three yearsand d. 5 Oct 1711, 85 yrs.old. To eleven ch. he gave est. by deed.

Ruth Ely Derr's notes: Freeman 1663, served in King Phillip's War.

May have come from England in 1639 on the"Jonathan" with older brotherSamuel.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1626 Denton,Ashton-Under-Lyne,Lancashire,England    
Death 1711-10-05 Newton,Middlesex,MA    
Burial   Newton,Middlesex,MA    
Unknown 1647 Immigrant Bullet  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyde, Robert16041682
Mother Crompton, Alice1595after 1657
    Brother     Hyde, William about 1622 Deceased
    Sister     Hyde, Ann 1624-02-23 Deceased
    Brother     Hyde, Robert about 1624 Deceased
    Sister     Hyde, Eleanor 1625-05-17 1650-04-18
         Hyde, Jonathon 1626 1711-10-05
    Sister     Hyde, Katharine about 1630 1654-04-06
    Sister     Hyde, Deborah about 1632 Deceased
    Sister     Hyde, Grace 1634-12-09 Deceased
    Brother     Hyde, William Son Of Robert 1637-01-05 Deceased
    Sister     Hyde, Mary 1639-01-23 Deceased
    Sister     Hyde, Jane 1640-09-02 Deceased
    Brother     Hyde, Samuel 1642-03-12 1725-07-22
    Sister     Hyde, Alice 1643-01-08 Deceased
    Sister     Hyde, Elizabeth Dau Of Robert 1644-06-06 1645-11-19
    Sister     Hyde, Martha 1645-07-20 1652-07-16
    Sister     Hyde, Elizabeth 1646-10-08 1650-11-19


Family of Hyde, Jonathon and Rediet, Mary

Married Wife Rediet, Mary ( * + Deceased )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1673-11-11 Of London,Middlesex,England Marriage of unknown  


Family of Hyde, Jonathon and French, Mary

Married Wife French, Mary ( * 1633 + 1672-05-27 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1650 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA Marriage of unknown  


Name Birth Date Death Date
Hyde, Joshua1653-05-231658-04-21
Hyde, Jonathon1655-04-011727-08-02
Hyde, John1656-04-061738-09-22
Hyde, Abraham1658-03-02Deceased
Hyde, Elizabeth1659-09-041699-06-26
Hyde, Daniel1661-08-021661-10-03
Hyde, William1662-09-121699-12-08
Hyde, Eleazer1664-07-031732-09-30
Hyde, Daniel1665-01-001736-03-13
Hyde, Ichabod1668-09-221700-11-03
Hyde, Joseph1672-05-271759-04-24