McGehee, James

Birth Name McGehee, James
Gender male
Age at Death 76 years


Very likely a descendant of the "original immigrant" Thomas Mackgehee (Clan McGregor).

He served with his brother, William, in the French & Indian Wars and received a warrant for a land bounty as a result of this service.


subj: Re: [MCGEHEE-L] Re: MCGEHEE-D Digest V99 #7
Date: 1/17/99 9:01:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Louis D. Megehee, Jr.)

All you have to do is listen to "MacGregor" pronounced in Gaelic. It
sounds phonetically very much like "MackGahaye." That is prececely what was
written on the records in Yorke Co. VA in the 1650s, by the semi-lettered
clerk of court.

I presume the first of our family, William MackGahaye, was not "lettered,"
as were most of the young men who came to early Virginia. By the time
there were members of the family who were "lettered" the name had been
spelled "PHONETICALLY IN ENGLISH" about the same for 100 the
family left the spelling as alone! [If anyone can spell it correctly!].

My grandfather, Alfred Pinkney Megehee, KNEW that the family name was
MacGregor, although he did not know how the name came to be changed. His
explanation was: "my great great grandfather got caught stealing horses and
had to change his name."

Once I heard "MacGregor" pronounced in Gaelic, I was sure that my

What I cannot explain is: Knowing that the family was MacGregor, why did
they not change it back after the procription was lifted? Could it have
had anything to do with the American Revolution?

I am well aware that our CLAIM to be MacGregors is not provable! At least
not provable the way one has to prove descent from a Revolutionary War
Ancestor. But the American Clan Gregor accepts me and I thoroughly enjoy
attending the annual Gathering of the Clan.

THERE: I've added my two cents to the MCGEHEE/MACGREGOR RELATIONSHIP

Have at it.

Dan Megehee (see I can't even spell McGehee!)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1741 VA    
Death 1817 Louisa, VA    
Event Note

the date his will was proved in Louisa Co, VA


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McGehee, Samuel17061783
Mother Ellitt, Elizabeth17141745
    Sister     McGehee, Mary before 1743
    Sister     McGehee, Wealthy
    Sister     McGehee, Elizabeth
    Sister     McGehee, Susannah 1736 after 1795-08-11
    Sister     McGehee, Sally
    Brother     McGehee, William about 1743
         McGehee, James 1741 1817
    Sister     McGehee, Nancy
    Sister     McGehee, Fanny


Family of McGehee, James and Cole, Lydia Hansford

Married Wife Cole, Lydia Hansford ( * about 1745 + between 1793 and 1810 )

from "Marks-Barnett Families and Their Kin":
...James (s/o Samuel McGehee and Elizabeth Ellitt) b~1742; m. Lydia Hansford (Cole) (x) wid. Mullin, b.~1746; d.after 1807, (x) sisters. His Will probated 2 Oct 1817.

Children from "Chris Lopeman family tree" public member tree -

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> Do we have the will in1817 of this James with Jane listing his children?

Will Book 5, Louisa Co, VA
Dated 1 May 1807 Proved 2 Feb 1817

Daus Susan Arnett McGehee, Rebecca Cole McGehee, Mary Ann Arnett, Sarah
Bibb, Lydia Melton

Sons Asa, Merryday, James, Richard, William L., David


Name Birth Date Death Date
McGehee, David
McGehee, James
McGehee, Richard
McGehee, Sarah
McGehee, Susan Arnett
McGehee, Mary Annabout 1770
McGehee, William L1775
McGehee, Lydia17761840
McGehee, Asa1785
McGehee, Meredith1792
McGehee, Rebecca Cole17921869


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I13601
Paternal Haplogroup R-M269
Attribute Note

kit#33339 descends from Thomas Mackgahye (1645-1724)