McGehee, Susannah

Birth Name McGehee, Susannah
Gender female
Age at Death more than 59 years, 7 months, 10 days


Very likely a descendant of the "original immigrant" Thomas Mackgehee (actually MacGregor). Son Samuel mentions Trice heirs


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1736 Virginia, USA    
Death after 1795-08-11 Fayette, KY    
Event Note

estate agreement there for Susannah , relict and widow of James Arnett.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McGehee, Samuel17061783
Mother Ellitt, Elizabeth17141745
    Sister     McGehee, Mary before 1743
    Sister     McGehee, Wealthy
    Sister     McGehee, Elizabeth
         McGehee, Susannah 1736 after 1795-08-11
    Sister     McGehee, Sally
    Brother     McGehee, William about 1743
    Brother     McGehee, James 1741 1817
    Sister     McGehee, Nancy
    Sister     McGehee, Fanny


Family of Arnett, James and McGehee, Susannah

Married Husband Arnett, James ( * 1734 + 1781-08-00 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1751      

Will Book #2 177767 - 1783
See page #58 for will to follow:
W.B. 2, PAGE 382
Will of James Arnett, Parish of Trinity. To wife Susannah Arnett, all of life and then to all my children. Exors: wife Susannah Arnett, sons David and James Arnett, and Wm. McGehee. Dated 6 Mar.
1778. Signed: James Arnett. Wit: Robert
Wasley, James McGehee, Mary Bibb. Rcd. 8 Oct. 1781.
See page 59 W.B. 2. PAGE 383
Bone of Susannah Arnett, David Arnette, And James Arnett, exors. of est. of HJames Arnett. Sec: Wm. Lipscomb, James McGehee, Rice Graves. Amt: L 50,000. Dated and rec. 8 Oct. 1781 Signed Susannah
( X ) Arnett, David Arnett, James Arnett,
William Lipscomb, James McGehee, Rice Graves
Page 60
W B. 2, p. 396
Inventory of est. of James Arnett. Dated 9 Nov. 1781. Signed Wm. Phillips, Wm. Lipscomb, Wm. Hughes, Rice Graves. Rcd 12 Nov. 1781.
Source: Nelson D. Rogers (Kindred Kousins 2 May 1999) Cit. Date: 12 Apr 2005

Fayette Co., Kentucky Deed, 11 Aug 1795, page 405...
Articles of Agreement made and entered this 11th day of August in the year of our Lord (One) Thousand seven hundred and ninety five between SUSANNAH ARNETT relict and widow of Jam(es) Arnett deceased late of Louisa County Virginia. David, a son of the deceased, William White Mary White his wife she being a daughter of the said deceased, David Bibb and Anna his wife she be(ing) daughter also, Richard Graves and Sally his wife being a daughter also, James Arnett, William Arnett, Charles Brown and Henrietta his wife she being a daughter also of said decedent, Nancy Richardson a daughter also of said decedent, Peter Poindexter and Lucy his wife also a daughter of said decedent, John Arnett. Lastley his wife, Samuel Arnett, and Zachariah Arnett sons of the said decedent. Witnessth that the said decedent departed this life in August. Will and Testament direct (w)idow to sold and divided equally and whereas the said Susannah have _ime lived a widow and enjoyed the esta(te) is I'll (and) desirous previous to her death that should enjoy some benefit from the now in her possession agrees to relinquish her ___(probably dower) under the Will to the whole of the said esta(te).

WeTrices db says William born to second wife but estate settlement involving Susannah Arnett shows she did not die till after 1795...

Name Birth Date Death Date
Arnett, Mary
Arnett, Anna
Arnett, Sally
Arnett, Henrietta
Arnett, Nancy
Arnett, Lucy
Arnett, John
Arnett, Samuel
Arnett, David1752-06-18after 1833
Arnett, James A17601820
Arnett, William R?17621820-10-00
Arnett, Zachariah1777-10-10