Myers, George Wesley 1a 2a

Birth Name Myers, George Wesley
Call Name Wesley
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years, 10 months, 26 days


Birth: Census of Nemaha Co., KS: 1870 (M593 440) Granada Twp., page 23A.
Census of Nemaha Co., KS: 1900 (T623 492) Capioma Twp., page 37B.
1910, 1920, 1930 US Federal Census Rock Creek, Nemaha Co, KS

Marriage: Married 16 years in the 1900 census.

Immigrated from Canada to the US in 1867.

Farmer in 1900.

Family Researcher: Mary Lou Allison (
Sean Lewis (
Sue Myers <> descendent.

"George W. Myers was born near Morrisburg, Canada, February 6, 1863..."
;) see Morrisburg today -

Note that his tombstone says: "G Wesley Myers 1861-1935"

Just a coincidence -
"George Wesley Myers" in Wentworth Co, Ontario, Ca

Topeka State Journal January 30, 1899 "Sabetha Man Missing"
"G W Myers Disappears From His Family in Colorado Springs"



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1861-02-06 Winchester Springs, Ontario, Canada    
Death 1935-01-00 Sabetha, Nemaha, KS   3a
Burial   Sabetha, Nemaha, KS Sabetha Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Daniel Wallace Sr18271873-08-18
Mother Collins, Elizabeth18231899-03-16
    Sister     Myers, Susannah 1848-10-23 1927-11-23
    Sister     Myers, Jennifer Elizabeth 1850-04-18 1920-10-20
    Brother     Myers, Jacob W 1852-02-02 1883-04-18
    Sister     Myers, Mary A. 1854-01-26 1925-04-08
    Sister     Myers, Maria L 1855-10-02 1941-05-28
    Brother     Myers, Daniel Wallace Jr 1858-08-21 1918-01-02
    Sister     Myers, Katherine L 1859 1935
         Myers, George Wesley 1861-02-06 1935-01-00
    Sister     Myers, Margaret 1863-04-08 1924-06-22


Family of Myers, George Wesley and Benedict, Harriet Electa

Married Wife Benedict, Harriet Electa ( * 1866-01-00 + 1960 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1882   Marriage of Myers, George Wesley 1

family data from Roger L Goodman <>

Home in 1880: Capioma, Nemaha Co, KS
Home in 1895: Capioma, Nemaha Co, KS (G W, Harriett, Ida, Blanche, Harrison, Ethel)
Home in 1900: Capioma, Nemaha Co, KS
Home in 1910: Rock Creek, Nemaha, KS
Home in 1920: Rock Creek, Nemaha, Kansas (Gracie at home)

Name Birth Date Death Date
Myers, Ida M1885-11-21
Myers, Blanche1887-09-261983
Myers, Harrison Benedict1890-08-241933
Myers, Ethel1891-08-00
Myers, Mildred Mary1895-12-261988
Myers, Glenn Wesley1898-05-011974-09-00
Myers, Grace Hariette?1911-02-15

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