Myers, George Wesley 1a 2a

Birth Name Myers, George Wesley
Call Name Wesley
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years, 10 months, 26 days


Birth: Census of Nemaha Co., KS: 1870 (M593 440) Granada Twp., page 23A.
Census of Nemaha Co., KS: 1900 (T623 492) Capioma Twp., page 37B.
1910, 1920, 1930 US Federal Census Rock Creek, Nemaha Co, KS

Marriage: Married 16 years in the 1900 census.

Immigrated from Canada to the US in 1867.

Farmer in 1900.

Family Researcher: Mary Lou Allison (
Sean Lewis (
Sue Myers <> descendent.

"George W. Myers was born near Morrisburg, Canada, February 6, 1863..."
;) see Morrisburg today -

Note that his tombstone says: "G Wesley Myers 1861-1935"

Just a coincidence -
"George Wesley Myers" in Wentworth Co, Ontario, Ca

Topeka State Journal January 30, 1899 "Sabetha Man Missing"
"G W Myers Disappears From His Family in Colorado Springs"



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1861-02-06 Winchester Springs, Ontario, Canada    
Death 1935-01-00 Sabetha, Nemaha County, KS   3a
Burial   Sabetha, Nemaha County, KS Sabetha Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Daniel Wallace Sr18271873-08-18
Mother Collins, Elizabeth18231899-03-16
    Sister     Myers, Susannah 1848-10-23 1927-11-23
    Sister     Myers, Jennifer Elizabeth 1850-04-18 1920-10-20
    Brother     Myers, Jacob W 1852-02-02 1883-04-18
    Sister     Myers, Mary A. 1854-01-26 1925-04-08
    Sister     Myers, Maria L 1855-10-02 1941-05-28
    Brother     Myers, Daniel Wallace Jr 1858-08-21 1918-01-02
    Sister     Myers, Katherine L 1859 1935-01-02
         Myers, George Wesley 1861-02-06 1935-01-00
    Sister     Myers, Margaret 1863-04-08 1924-06-22


Family of Myers, George Wesley and Benedict, Harriet Electa

Married Wife Benedict, Harriet Electa ( * 1866-01-00 + 1960 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1882   Marriage of Myers, George Wesley 1

family data from Roger L Goodman <>

Home in 1880: Capioma, Nemaha Co, KS
Home in 1895: Capioma, Nemaha Co, KS (G W, Harriett, Ida, Blanche, Harrison, Ethel)
Home in 1900: Capioma, Nemaha Co, KS
Home in 1910: Rock Creek, Nemaha, KS
Home in 1920: Rock Creek, Nemaha, Kansas (Gracie at home)

Name Birth Date Death Date
Myers, Ida M1885-11-21
Myers, Blanche1887-09-261983
Myers, Harrison Benedict1890-08-241933
Myers, Ethel1891-08-00
Myers, Mildred Mary1895-12-261988
Myers, Glenn Wesley1898-05-011974-09-00
Myers, Grace Hariette?1911-02-15

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