Myers, Margaret

Birth Name Myers, Margaret
Call Name Maggie
Gender female
Age at Death 61 years, 2 months, 14 days


Birth: Census of Nemaha Co., KS: 1870 (M593 440) Granada Twp., page 23A.

In 1885 KS Census Margaret says she was born in Canada but came from Missouri.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1863-04-08 Dundas, Ontario, Canada   1
Death 1924-06-22 City of Arkansas City, Cowley, KS   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Daniel Wallace Sr18271873-08-18
Mother Collins, Elizabeth18231899-03-16
    Sister     Myers, Susannah 1848-10-23 1927-11-23
    Sister     Myers, Jennifer Elizabeth 1850-04-18 1920-10-20
    Brother     Myers, Jacob W 1852-02-02 1883-04-18
    Sister     Myers, Mary A. 1854-01-26 1925-04-08
    Sister     Myers, Maria L 1855-10-02 1941-05-28
    Brother     Myers, Daniel Wallace Jr 1858-08-21 1918-01-02
    Sister     Myers, Katherine L 1859 1935-01-02
    Brother     Myers, George Wesley 1861-02-06 1935-01-00
         Myers, Margaret 1863-04-08 1924-06-22


Family of Gage, Henry Denver and Myers, Margaret

Married Husband Gage, Henry Denver ( * 1860-08-15 + 1903-10-13 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1880      

Home in 1885: Bolton, Cowley Co, KS (State Census)
MIA in KS 1895
by 1900, Harry has moved back to his fathers in Pleasant Valley, Cowley, Kansas

believe this is him -
Arkansas City Republican, July 31, 1886.
"Saturday night Marshal Gray, J. J. Breene, and John Lewis made a raid on a gambling den in the Grady block. They captured 13 men; one got away in the darkness. The 12 were held in custody until this morning at 10 o=clock when five plead guilty before the acting police judge, Kreamer, and were fined $10 and costs; total $21 each. The remaining seven plead guilty this afternoon and were fined the same. All have paid up except two and they are rustling for the money and will have it in the city treasury before night. The names of the parties arrested were John Boucher, Wm. Fullerlove, F. A. Hale, H. Armstrong, Jos. Rogers, C. Tuby, Chas. Harkins, J. R. Vanskye, Harry Gage, Clate Jones, Harry Hughes, and De Witt Moonhouse. The officers also captured some poker chips. Who runs the establishment is not known." [is "C Tuby" "Christopher C Tubbe"?"]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Gage, Roy Denver1878-07-211938-11-17

Family of Tubbe, Christopher Columbus and Myers, Margaret

Married Husband Tubbe, Christopher Columbus ( * 1856-09-02 + 1934-01-05 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1891-10-09 City of Arkansas City, Cowley, KS    
Event Note

Marriage licenses for yesterday: C. C. Tubbe to Miss Maggie Gage, both of Arkansas City.

also see "Kansas and Kansans: Volume 5"
Maggie was living in Nemaha Co until Harry Denver Gage died.

Home in 1900: Dale, Kay, Oklahoma
Christoher Tubbe 43
Maggie Tubbe 36
Ralph Tubbe 7
Ray Tubbe 2
Elizabeth "Tubbe" 72 his mother!
===> looking at the image, it appears they may have written "Ransom" and
then crossed it out, so could be his adopted mother.

Chris Tubbe & Maggie (Myers) in 1910 Census Oklahoma > Kay > Dale > District 58
Chris from MO (father German, mother from VA) 53
Maggie 47
Ralph 16
George 12
Virgil 2
Home in 1930: Dale, Kay, Oklahoma
Chris 73
George 32
Virgil 21

Name Birth Date Death Date
Tubbe, Ralph Orville1893-11-021952-07-07
Tubbe, George Raymond1898-04-15
Tubbe, Virgil Ernest19081964-09-03

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