McRoberts, David

Birth Name McRoberts, David
Birth Name MCROBERTS, David
Gender male
Age at Death 49 years, 6 months, 22 days


Providence; RI
Served in the War of 1812 from Jun 1812 to Oct 26, 1812 in Cpt. Elijah Clark's Company, 20th Regiment, New York Militia.

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David McRoberts originally settled in Providence ,R.I. and from 1810-1817 he lived in Western N.Y. state. He served in the War of 1812 as a 2nd Sergeant in Cpt. Elijah Clark's Company, 20th regiment, New York Militia. His length of service was from June 29 to Oct. 26, 1812- three months and 27 days.
David was married to Martha B. Olds (B: 13 Dec 1781;D: 21 Mar 1859), the daughter of Reuben Olds of Sturbridge Town, Worcester Co., Massachusetts. This couple began their life together in Mass., moved to N.Y. state with some of their first children, and onward to KY.
[note: NY State Militia payroll abstracts say 22nd regiment, in service at Lewiston, Ontario Co, NY. The Service Index ( transcription) says Sargent in 20 Reg't (Allen's) NY Militia ]

Notes from Martha McRoberts land bounty application of 1858:
He fought at the Battle of Queenston Heights ( Oct 13, 1812) and was taken prisoner. His enlistment ends Oct 26 which was probably when he was released by the British.

Some account of the prisoners from this battle:
"The Americans captured after the Battle of Queenston Heights in 1812 were paraded through the streets of Montreal while the band played ‘The Rogue’s March’ and ‘Yankee Doodle.’ The hungry and half-naked prisoners, Winfield Scott being among them, were presented to Sir George Prevost where the prisoners were compelled to remove their hats during the playing of ‘God Save the King.’ "


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1782-03-23 Springfield, Windsor Co, VT    
Death 1831-10-14 Mill Creek, Hamilton Co, OH alt: died Sep 14 1831 claimed by widow in 1813 bounty application.  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McRoberts, John1758-07-311813-04-04
Mother Bradford, Lucy1762-10-021845-07-27
         McRoberts, David 1782-03-23 1831-10-14
    Sister     McRoberts, Mary Polly 1787-08-00 1877-04-30
    Sister     McRoberts, Cynthia 1792-03-00 1878
    Sister     McRoberts, Lucetta 1796 1889
    Brother     McRoberts, James 1798-03-19 1861-04-19
    Sister     McRoberts, Jane 1799 1828
    Brother     McRoberts, Peter 1804-02-10 1847
    Sister     McRoberts, Belzora 1808 1883-07-31


Family of McRoberts, David and Olds, Martha B.

Married Wife Olds, Martha B. ( * 1781-12-13 + 1859-03-21 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1803-02-26 Argyle, NY Marriage of Martha Olds to David McRoberts  

Moved to New York after marriage and their first children to Kentucky by 1822. In 1823, the family crossed the Ohio River and purchased a farm in Cincinnati, Ohio. David died soon after.

home in 1810: New York > Ontario > Honeoye (1 boy <10, man 26-45, 2 girls <10, woman 16-25) [==> Martha born after 1785]
home in 1820: Kentucky > Hardin > Little York (2 boys <10, 1 boy 16-18, man>45, 1 girl < 10, 2 girls < 16, woman < 45) (No McRoberts in Ontario, NY at this time!)
home in 1830: Ohio > Hamilton > Mill Creek ( m 5-10, m 10-15, m 15-20, m 40-50, f 5-10, 2f 10-15, f 20-30, f 40-50)
(after David's death)
home in 1840: Ohio > Hamilton > Mill Creek (m 10-15, m15-20, f 5-10, f 10-15, f15-20, 2f 20-30, f 50-60)
home in 1850: Ohio > Hamilton > Cincinnati living with daughter Lusetta Horton as "Martha McRobert" [no s]

Name Birth Date Death Date
McRoberts, Willardabout 1803before 1810
McRoberts, David1805-12-051870-04-06
McRoberts, Lucy Ann?1806-03-181873-10-29
McRoberts, Elizabeth1808
McRoberts, Reuben Olds18141885-04-14
McRoberts, Martha Belle1817
McRoberts, Artemus Bernard1822-03-131895-03-15
McRoberts, Lucretta Jane1823
McRoberts, Cynthia Ann1828