Gage, Walter Roberts

Birth Name Gage, Walter Roberts
Gender male
Age at Death 51 years, 2 months, 27 days

William G Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas"
WALTER R. GAGE, deceased, late of Capioma, was born in 1818, in Pennsylvania, and grew up there as a farmer. He married in Erie County, Pa., Lavinia Ostrand, who was born in Barcelona, N. Y. They lived eight years in Gowanda, N. Y., and seven in Marcellon, Wis. Came to Capioma in 1858, lived there three years on a new farm or claim south of the village, and in 1859 built in Capioma the Gage House, which Mr. Gage ran as a hotel until his death, in August, 1869. He was a Republican, and served as postmaster, Notary Public, and Justice of the Peace many years. He left eight children - C. S., Adella, H. C., W. R. Burton (since deceased), William, Minnie S., Effie. Arabella Gage died in Apr. 1,1869. In 1876 the hotel and contents burned down, a total loss, and on the site Mrs. Gage has erected a pleasant cottage home in which to spend her declining years.
"Ghost Towns of Nemaha County"
"Orrin Gage founded Pacific City in 1856 at the head of Log Chain Branch. This settlement was at the center of S24 T3S R13E, one mile west of Log Chain Station. It was a much appreciated oasis on the old trail from Granada to Seneca, which rejoined the Military Road in S14 T3S R13E. Orrin Gage, Jr., still owned this site in 1912, according to the Atlas of Nemaha County. The Gage family probably watched the Pony couriers from the front porch of their hotel, which stood until 1902. Walter Gage, another member of this family, was proprietor of a hotel at Capioma at this same period."
[Orrin in 1863 Tax List for hotel in Prairie Holes, Nemaha Co, KS


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1818-05-23 Cambridge Springs, Crawford Co, PA   1
Death 1869-08-19 Capioma, Nemaha County, KS   1


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gage, Richard1786-07-231870-03-25
Mother Alford, Clarissa1791-09-081865-04-07
    Brother     Gage, Peter Alford 1808-06-14 1894-10-17
    Sister     Gage, Aurelia 1810-02-09 1874-04-17
    Brother     Gage, Cyrus P 1812-01-15 1843-04-30
    Brother     Gage, Stephen P 1813-10-17 1873-05-31
    Sister     Gage, Carolyn L 1815-12-19 1888-07-10
         Gage, Walter Roberts 1818-05-23 1869-08-19
    Brother     Gage, Oliver Alford 1819-11-01 1892-05-08
    Sister     Gage, Harriet 1821-04-06 1857-11-28
    Sister     Gage, Rebecca 1823-03-17 1828-09-05
    Brother     Gage, Horatio Nelson 1824-08-24 1878-09-09
    Sister     Gage, Julia Ann 1827-09-27 1900-01-18
    Brother     Gage, Orange Montgomery 1831-11-18 1914-10-06


Family of Gage, Walter Roberts and Van Ostrand, Lavina Lavinge

Married Wife Van Ostrand, Lavina Lavinge ( * 1823-01-29 + 1905-04-18 )

see family here -
1. Charles GAGE b: ABT 1845 in Pennsylvania
2. Alice A. GAGE b: ABT 1847 in Pennsylvania
3. Henry Clayton GAGE b: ABT 1849 in New York
4. Walter R. GAGE b: ABT 1851 in New York
5. Richard B. GAGE b: ABT 1853 in New York died 11 APR 1868, Aged 15 Yrs, 9 Ms, 14 Ds.
6. Price GAGE b: ABT 1856 in Wisconsin
7. Ada "Addie" Arabella GAGE b: ABT 1858 died 19 APR 1869, Aged 11 Yrs, 2 Ms, 19 Ds.
8. William D. GAGE b: 1859 in Kansas
9. Minnie GAGE b: ABT 1864 in Kansas
10. Effie GAGE b: ABT 1865 in Kansas

Many are buried in Capioma Cemetery, KS -

1887 Meacham's Illustrated Atlas of Nemaha County, "W D Gage" is next door to "Lavina Gage" within Capioma.

Lavina Gage probably referenced here in the Seneca Courier-Tribune: "Granada, KS Feb 7 1874. The festival at Capioma went off finely. They sold about three hundred tickets for supper. After the festival was over, a dance was gotten up by the outsiders at the Widow Gage's whcih lasted nearly all the night."

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