Gage, Cyrus Forrest

Birth Name Gage, Cyrus Forrest
Call Name Forrest or John?
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years, 5 months


Even tho many census records, etc say name is "Forest", he spelled it "Forrest" (in a letter he wrote his sister)

Birth: Census of Nemaha Co., KS: 1860 (M653 351) Capioma Twp., page 468.
Census of Nemaha Co., KS: 1870 (M593 440) Capioma Twp., page 10B says he was born in Illinois.
Farm Laborer in 1870.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1854-05-24 Harrisburg, PA    
Death 1923-10-24 Hutchinson,Reno,Kansas    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gage, Orange Montgomery1831-11-181914-10-06
Mother Smith, Elvira1837-05-311866-08-07
         Gage, Cyrus Forrest 1854-05-24 1923-10-24
    Sister     Gage, Viola Medora 1856-08-17 1929-02-22
    Brother     Gage, Frank Delos 1858-07-20 1896-02-18
    Brother     Gage, Henry Denver 1860-08-15 1903-10-13
    Sister     Gage, Adah Montes 1862-09-01 1937-03-01
    Brother     Gage, Byron or Forest? 1864-06-20 1869-02-18
    Brother     Gage, George T or Forest 1866-07-30 1869-02-18


Family of Gage, Cyrus Forrest and Groves, Theresa

Married Wife Groves, Theresa ( * 1857 + after 1910 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1873-02-11   Marriage of Gage, Cyrus Forrest and Groves, Theresa  

home in Mar 1, 1875: Capioma, Nemaha Co, KS (both living in Orange M Gage's hh)
home in Nov 3, 1878: _ng, KS (from a letter to his sister Adah)
=>not in census 1880 because they were in "Indian Territory" - the eastern half of OK, probably Perry County - where Aurelia was born.
home in Mar 1, 1885: Atchison, KS (F, Nellie, Jossie, R M Gage)
home in Mar 1, 1895: Atchison, KS (Forest, Teressa, Josie, Orelia Gage) AND
KC Ward 3, Wyandotte Co, KS (Forest, Teressa, Aurelia M Gage)
hh in 1900 & 1905 KS Census, Atchison, and 1910 US Census
John Gage b.1854 Penn
Theresa Gage b.1856 Ohio
Orange b.1897 KS
==> in 1910, Theresa says she is mother of 7, but only 3 living.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Gage, Josephine Mabel1876-08-02after 1930
Gage, Aurelia Myrtle1880-05-24after 1941
Gage, Orange Franklin1897-09-141971-06-29