Hall, Lennis Kathelene 1

Birth Name Hall, Lennis Kathelene
Gender female
Age at Death 71 years, 9 months, 11 days


In a letter from her dated Oct. 21, 1978:
moved from Bridgeport to Francisco or Larkin. Father owned a 300 acre farm at Bear Creek. He donated the land for a 1 teacher grade school. Moved to Huntland early Fall of 1917

Aunt Lennis and I exchanged many letters. She was "like a child" and always had someone taking care of her. Pretty sure she never married. I think they lived in Huntsville for a while. SSDI has a Lennis and Joe Hall of right age dying in Valley, Chambers Co, AL. (What was Langsdale, AL) She lived with her mom and brother, Joe.

1920 US Census - Huntland, Franklin, Tennessee

She signed a letter to me "Lennis Kathelene Hall"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1913-10-18 Bridgeport, Jackson, AL    
Death 1985-07-29 Valley, Chambers, AL    
Event Note


specific date from http://ayers-hoodfamilyhistory.com/surnames/b34.htm


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hall, William Thomas1868-10-001940-07-02
Mother Kennedy, Flora1885-04-131979-04-14
    Brother     Hall, Joseph Daniel 1908-08-07 1995-07-16
         Hall, Lennis Kathelene 1913-10-18 1985-07-29


  1. Hall, William Thomas
    1. Kennedy, Flora
      1. Hall, Joseph Daniel
      2. Hall, Lennis Kathelene