McRoberts, David Alvin

Birth Name McRoberts, David Alvin
Nick Name Alvin or Allie
Gender male
Age at Death 54 years, 1 month, 11 days



note from Vonnie Wilson:
"Uncle Allie was a Notary Public in Pike County. That was something it seems, to be a Notary Public in those days. Mom always said they came from far and wide in their buggies to get their papers notarized.
I have heard people tell the story about Uncle Allie setting out in the yard in the summer time. He had a fly swatter with him and killed all the flies and bugs around. Well he also had a fat, pet chicken, that loved him and wanted to go everywhere he went."

Sometime after 1913, David had a stroke and was confined to a wheelchair due to paralysis. He left KCMO by train and went to live with his mother Camilla in Union, IN. He appears in 1920 census living with his nephew Denver and his wife Meryl, who cared for him. He became a Notary Public and people came from miles around for his signature. He never saw his wife or children again before he died in 1926.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1872-06-01 Pike Co., IN    
Occupation     machinist  
Occupation   Union, Pike, IN, USA notary public  
Death 1926-07-12 Petersburg, Pike, IN   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McRoberts, Alexander David1840-09-141912-02-19
Mother Hale, Camila J1854-12-141931-08-07
         McRoberts, David Alvin 1872-06-01 1926-07-12
    Sister     McRoberts, Sarah Fanny 1873-12-12 1875-07-23
    Sister     McRoberts, Anna 1875-10-12 1950-02-09
    Sister     McRoberts, Lucy 1878-06-07 1879-02-20
    Brother     McRoberts, Rutherford Ballion Hayes 1879-10-16 1955-10-10
    Sister     McRoberts, Lela 1882-04-00 1959-08-15
    Brother     McRoberts, Arthur David 1885-01-02 1962-12-08
    Sibling     McRoberts, infant 1888 1888-04-12
    Sister     McRoberts, Bertha A 1889-12-00 1950-06-16
    Stepbrother     McRoberts, Denver Montes 1893-01-27 1971-02-05 (Adopted, Adopted)


Family of McRoberts, David Alvin and Dent, Elle Maude

Unmarried Partner Dent, Elle Maude ( * 1871-01-30 + 1945-09-09 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Anthis, Mary Mae1891-01-171978-06-06

Family of McRoberts, David Alvin and McAtee, Elizabeth Frances

Married Wife McAtee, Elizabeth Frances ( * 1876-07-06 + 1957-01-09 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1892-12-26 Petersburg, Pike, IN Marriage of David McRoberts and Elizabeth McAtee  

1900: Rock Creek, Coffey Co, KS "David and Elizabeth" from "Missouri"
1905: Neodesha, Wilson Co, KS "D A and L F McRoberts" (KS State Census)
1910: Patoka, Gibson, Indiana "Alvin and Lizzie"
1917: KC, MO (James McRoberts supported the family as a Clerk at Jones Stores downtown - from WW1 Draft Reg)
1920: KC, MO David and Glen, Audrey absent. Note- Elizabeth says she is a widow. *
1930: KC, MO only Elizabeth, Glen, Lester, Ethel

Lester born 11/1909 was 5 months old at the Apr.15,1910 Census but born in KS, so they must have just moved back to Indiana.

see note on James McAtee, Elizabeth's father. Living nearby in Key West 1900. David helped his father-in-law break out of jail, and both families fled to Kansas.

In 1920, David is living with Denver, Denver's wife Merl and their mother in Clay, Pike Co, IN - curiously, the census says he is "Uncle" and Camelia is "Grandmother". Turns out Denver is Anne's son.

Nellie tells this story about growing up: "Mother said Alvin left her for days at a time alone on a ranch with ranch hands and 8 children. Pansy died as a small child. He evidentally suffered a stroke and eventually used a cane and a wheelchair and was pretty much an invalid. Mother's health became very fragile. The doctor told her she had to send her husband home to his folks or she would die - she could not take care of them all. When he left by train, he asked her for money and she held out her hand and gave him all that she had. He took it and left her penniless and with the children. She said she had loved him, but when he took all the money she had, knowing that she had nothing to take care of the children, her love for him left. [Nellie] wanted to go see him on her honeymoon [1928] and mother told her that if she did, she would never come to see her again. The sad thing is he had died 2 years before without any of us knowing. David's parents had oil wells yet never contacted mother or sent her money. [James] said he remembers their father would put them in a trailer and and stop outside of different towns until the townspeople would feel sorry for the kids and "take them in" to feed them.

After David left (between 1913 and 1917), Lizzie raised her 8 kids alone. She ran a boarding house at 3606 Flora, KC, MO. Her sons had to work at an early age to support the family.

Name Birth Date Death Date
McRoberts, James Alexander1893-11-231975-12-26
McRoberts, Audrey Dorothy1896-07-041992-06-20
McRoberts, Pansy1898-09-011899-12-00
McRoberts, Glen William1900-08-081972-05-11
McRoberts, Leona F?1901-11-231977-12-29
McRoberts, Mildred Maye1903-08-121986-07-00
McRoberts, Nellie1907-02-021998-11-13
McRoberts, Lester A1909-11-121953-04-13
McRoberts, Ethel Mary1913-10-261989-07-22

Source References

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        Obit here -

        "After an illness extending over a period of 12 years, he died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Camilla McRoberts near Union at 12:10 am Monday morning. Funeral services will be held this afternoon Tuesday at 2 o'clock at the M E Church in Union, Rev. C W Oskins, officiating. Interment will be made in Odd Fellows Cemetery.

        David Alvin was the son of A D (deceased)and Camille McRoberts,, he was born near Union, June 1, 1872 and was 54 Years, 1mo, 1 day old. When a young man he was united in marriage to Elizabeth McAtee, daughter of James McAtee who at the time resided in Petersburg, for a time they made their home in Pike county, but later went to Kansas City MO., where they lived. Eight children were born to the marriage of whom with the wife survive. There are 3 sons, James, William, Lester and five daughters, Audra, Leona, Mildred, Nelle and Ethel and five grandchildren all of Kansas City. Two brothers Arthur of this city and Rufus of Mt. Carmel,iLLinois and three sisters Mrs. Anna Cloin of near Union and Mrs. Lelah Catt and Mrs Bertha Armstrong of Petersburg also survive.

        About twelve years ago, while living in Kansas City, he suffered a stroke of paralysis from which he never recovered . He returned to his mother's home hoping to recover. during these years he bore his affliction without complaint, being patient and kind .

        Five years since he renewed his faith in Christ accepting the inevitable with fortitude and passed knowing the promises of God would be fulfilled."